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TMSRRE part 5: Mirte

  Mirte Maas @ Women (NY) Women NY boosted her book and she was ready for the victory. Ready to walk, run and even fly if we have a look at her Spring 2010 bookings so far. A quick one is enough to get it: she books selective shows only but the number is raising every day with new names on her flawless showlist. Yesterday you could add Marc Jacobs on it and few hours earlier she opened Donna Karan. And two days before she opened another highly watched runway, Alexander Wang. Enough power here to drop a few lines even if we... [Lire la suite]
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Rocking and Rolling

    Rolien @ Profile (London) The world could be tossing and turning, as long as Rolien is rocking we're OK. Her tee may say she loves New York (and money), we're sure London (and money) will love her too. Taken at Profile's offices right after she arrived from the airport last week, her new digis are pure love for anyone looking for Dutch beauties. Laid-back, delicate and slightly sporty, the perfect mix with blond hair/blue eyes to add a twist to a classic beauty. At 5'10"5 with a stunning silhouette, she's out of... [Lire la suite]
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Eyes and Soul

    Natalia Gritsiik @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Natural Natalia can quickly turn into a 80's-inspired (in our eyes and soul) sophisticated creature but, whatever happens, she remains able to bring this serene vibe we saw on her first polas. Square jaw drawed for success and cheekbones to die for are her trademark since day one and what made us fall for her beauty, silent drama in leather jacket is the bonus of her newest pictures (styled by our one and only Venya Brykalin), adding a little more intensity to her... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 4: Svieta

        Svieta Nemcova @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Milan) She's always the girl we see on the runway or in a magazine and immediately think "she's so neat, she's so fresh" before realising it's still the same Svieta who gives us accelerated heartbeats season after season. A good career often starts when a good eye noticed a promising girl (remember how Svieta started) then it might take some unexpected ways but great girls always find their path and she's no exception. She just opened Elise Øverland (dazzling... [Lire la suite]
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Can't get enough (Gorgeous and Graceful)

      Raisa Anane @ FM (London) We knew you can't get enough of Raisa as much as we do. We knew her mother agency, Mandarina Models in Romania considers her as one of the most amazing of their more than amazing board. We knew her look and presence are beyond amazing as well and it's already too many amazing within the same post. But truth is that she deserves it and we could write down another whole bunch of amazing here, now that we also know that her agency in London, FM can't get enough of Raisa as well. The... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 3: Regina

  Regina Feoktistova @ Women (NY) Now or later ? Now ? Later ? Now ? Later ? Nowlaternowlaternowlaternowlater ? And in the end it's no later than today. It's always a little dilemma to tell when we should drop a few lines on our favorite girls of the season (or, in Regina's case, beyond seasons, shows and trends). Shall we wait until the week is over (3-4 more days, that's all) or shoot ASAP ? We thought to follow the first way but thought twice and checked out Alexander Wang's pictures again then the answer became obvious.... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 2: Diana

      Diana Tanaeva @ Trump (NY) Vivienne Tam offered us once again a panoramic vision of the new faces in town. We always love that casting for unveiling some of the most talented newcomers of New York and this season is no exception with an extended bunch of our favorites getting a spot there: Stasya, Daniela, Alisa, Anastasia, Anne Sophie, Romana, Wiktoria and the list could go on forever. Though, one of the most impressive is certainly Diana Tanaeva, the 5'11 dark brunette who caught our attention even before the... [Lire la suite]
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Cool as Ice: Hawa and Fatima

            Hawa and Fatima @ Ice (Milan) We introduced Hawa yesterday and had the feeling you would like to see more of her. So, here is more and a little more than more. We first noticed Fatima a few months ago when she joined Ice Models in Milan. Now in town with extra-fresh polaroids, we thought the opportunity to feature her was perfect and the combo with Hawa looks beyond awesome, each bringing her very own touch to the polas they shot together. Hawa (5'10) and Fatima (5'9"5) aren't only among the... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Trine

      Trine Hyldtoft @ Scoop (Denmark) Another day, another Dane... would have been our title two days ago as we first planned to feature Trine right after Nina earlier this week. We're never able to stick to the initial schedule we fix on Sundays and Mondays, though. We can't think of our updates as a monolithic whole to post all over the week. Plus showtime force us somehow to live like there were no tomorrow and every evening has a taste of end of the world. In a positive way. No sleepless nights but... [Lire la suite]
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Baby, Baby, Black and Blue

    Anka Khargelia @ President (Russia) Black, blue and black on blue is quite an original way to talk about a redhead. But these latest pieces of portolios from Anka Khargelia (our darling from President Models in Moscow, also with Muse NYC and Major Paris) woke up some painter instincts in us. Some playful color choices and contrasts are perfect to match Anka's beauty type and attitude in front of the camera. The usual combination of blue and orange (red hair) works like magic, the black and blue games add some... [Lire la suite]
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