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Meet Katie !

Katie @ Liz Bell (Canada) After Tara's Couture coup at Chanel in July and the making of Megan by Gilad Sasporta, another highly promising girl from Liz Bell Agency gets her spot here. Katie, 15-years-old and no less than 5'10 (178), already capturing some serious international attention from good eyes here and there. What makes her stand out from the crowd ? Delicate and pristine features for sure. But also count on her slightly bedhead-on-purpose, gorgeous auburn hair, olive-green eyes and some innate poise from polas to tests.... [Lire la suite]
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She Doesn't Wink But It's What You Think

Alek Alexeyeva @ Select Models (London), Women (Milan), Nathalie (Paris)   Pretty young things as the title of the new issue of i-D says, while latest UK Elle talks about London calling. We’d say that London is calling right now and many pretty young things are already answering the call. Fresh faces ready for the frenzy, the highly coveted and their challengers will be walking side by side in a little more than one week. If all the attention goes to New York today, tomorrow is never too far away and everyone who... [Lire la suite]
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Sans Comparaison et Sans Compromis

Alek Alexeyeva and Heleen Scholten @ Select (London) Beware, dangerous team. One is London's darling, the other is Micha's cutest. One is probably the most stunning Lexposed Face we've featured so far, the second was our TMSRRE girl #1 last season. We would have enough facts to love them both but we don't even need them. To see them once is to write them on our favorites-list. Alek Alexeyeva and Heleen Scholten, both managed by Select in London are gracing the same dangerous story in new issue of i-D, shot by Pierre Bailly.... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Nina

      Nina Jerlov-Troelsen @ Elite (Denmark) Nina was among the popular girls from Elite Denmark during Copenhagen Fashion Week recently and if you have a single (even quick) look at her digitals you will (quickly) understand why this happened. Feline eyes, thin lips and the outstanding shape of her face are enough features to get fully noticed. And her editorial abilities surely helped her too (expressions + body language) with a couple of new tests added to her portfolio to testify. No overwhelming poses or... [Lire la suite]
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Shiny Shadows

      Rebecca Chandler @ Models1 (London) Last month we enjoyed Martina Correa's masterpieces and this month Elle UK strikes back with a couple of highlights again. Peter Doherty's illustrations and writings spread all over the issue, a vibrant editorial with Emma McLaren, the fullfilling sensation of having a thick magazine in hands and Rebecca Chandler's best story to date were enough to put it on our shopping-list again. Shot by Karen Collins, the latter offers us a very sensitive and appropriate vision of a... [Lire la suite]
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And Still Water Sparkled

Siri Laude @ Modelwerk (Germany) Taking the opportunity when it comes. Talking about classic yet playful beauties five minutes ago while writing a few lines on Odile Coco, we thought our next model of the day would be someone like Siri Laude, newcomer at Modelwerk in Hamburg. 5'9"5 (177) with picture perfect measurement, her appeal relies on simple things like an obviously intense gaze or delicate features from forehead to chin. Very sleek, almost soft but highly playful in the way she looks at the camera. She's there... [Lire la suite]
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Behind the Glass

        Odile Coco @ SPS (The Netherlands) Bershka campaigns always offer quite an inventive playground for new faces and this seasons makes no execption to the creative rule. Odile Coco is enjoying funny and upside-down poses on that old leather sofa to promote the label's newest outfits in her own light-hearted yet slightly dramatic mood, bringing a personal touch to the atmosphere. Little by little, she earned her place as one of these girls we never get tired of featuring, doing each piece with the same... [Lire la suite]
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Ruta's Evolution, Little Revolution

    Ruta Rimkunaite @ Major (NY) Finally she's in New York (with Major). We've been waiting for this day who could sound like a brand new start for Ruta, one of our favorites at Metropolitan Models in Vilnius. A doll face on a leggy body, a slighlty wild pout and a sense of the camera that has improved a lot lately. We featured several of editorial pieces taking part of her development, mostly done in Spain and are lucky now to catch some of her first works from NY, shot by the one and only Jonathan Leder. If forever fresh... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Rachel !

Rachel @ Echo Models (USA) We were just talking about boutique agencies and it's good to have an immediate example to post on our page. Rachel was found by Echo Models (check out the blog as well - elegant and efficient), an American agency born in May 2009 and already representing a couple of striking young ladies ready to make their marks. Rachel caught our eyes first for her unique look and leggy silhouette (5'11 - 180, no less). Coming from a small American town and very mature for a 16-years-old girl, she can also rely on... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Mary !

Mary Sher @ Avant (Russia) We know we should relax today but we thought there was no better moment to introduce Mary Sher, newest girl at Avant Models, than right after a long story about Viktoriya. And, after all, Monday is coming in less than eight hours. Stopping here with unnecessary explanation and go straight to the point. Mary looked incredibly promising at first sight (just one picture we've been able to see two weeks ago) and once promises became real, we knew she was one we should rely on. Eyes and... [Lire la suite]
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