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Joie de Vivre

      McKell Martin @ Elite (NY) McKell Martin, genius in making at Elite, New York. Innate talent, geniune in front of the camera. And nobody else than Jonathan Leder, no other photographer, could have captured her that way. Captured is the word, the keyword. His raw yet slightly sleek aesthetic was perfect to highlight McKell's fresh and unique look (true to the signature of her mother agency, Pulse Management). Take "the most special one of her generation" and make sure she's got the perfect materials in... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Merel

Merel Zoet @ SPS (The Netherland) Remember Merel Zoet ? The magical, mysterious and mesmerizing Merel ? The one and only, the sweet, strong and subtle Merel from SPS Models in Amsterdam. The 5'11 blonde (and beyond) with gorgeous eyes and much presence in front of Gilbert François we featured last June is back on our page with a brand new set of digitals, looking better than ever. Hundred percent model. We've been relentlessly asking after Merel since she signed with her mother agency and they kept telling us she was getting better... [Lire la suite]
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There is a Will, There is a Way

Luana Dachery @ Way (Brazil) Luana captured some attention at the beginning of this year, walking a couple of remarkable shows in her home country. Launched by the powerhouse from Sao Paul, Way Model Management, she never let her career slow down since and got both local campaigns and prestigious Brazilian editorials (including Vogue) right after her first steps on the runway. The unique shape of her face and strength of her gaze have quickly turned into such a signature in magazines. Latest precious pieces of... [Lire la suite]
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Maaike's Medley (Jolijn's Melodies)

Maaike @ SPS (The Netherlands) Mighty Maaike strikes back on our page, only one week (or so) after being featured with some eye-catching tests by Jonathan Waiter. This we're going to share two more pieces of her work, both shot by Jolijn Snijders. First series is from Ozon Magazine, well-known for limitless creativity, and embodies the reasons why we're in love with Jolijn's work. There isn't hundreds of photographers able to pull out all these expressions from their models, to capture the bright instant, to notice the litttle... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Marilin !

Marilin Saluveer @ EMA (Estonia) EMA in Estonia, now known as the mother agency of the season's sensation Katlin Aas, has recently added a few major new girls to their development board, playing the card of distinctive looks again. Marilin, almost 5'9 with a unique little face and a strong presence in front of the camera (we sense she has humour too), is one of these precious newcomers we need to keep in mind from now on. We never mind a playful blonde who seems to be born a model and we certainly don't mind a touch of... [Lire la suite]
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Jessica, Just Lexposed

Jessica Cline @ Elite (NY) She's back again on our page! Last night we celebrated the delicate beauty of a precious jewel from Texas, on Lexposure. Jessica Cline is her name, she was found by Dallas agency Kim Dawson and Elite represents her in New York but you might know her for having walked Prada Resort last year or appearing twice in Teen Vogue this year. Explosive mixture for a book, delicates features for a look. See more, watch more HERE. Lexposed and larger than life.
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Options in the Pipeline

        Helen Maier @ FM (London) Let's introduce the English Rose from FM Models with some fresh polaroids to forget about the bad weather in London. Pouring rain and so on, it's August and they're still waiting for Summer to knock at their doors and it seems November came instead. Helen will be the only ray of light today, shining bright while shooting non-stop over the last month. At 5'9 with a close-to-classic yet not that usual beauty, she's making her way dancing between two raindrops. She's already worked... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Alisa !

Alisa @ Art-Podium (Ukraine) Blond, truly blond and beyond blond. That's how we could describe Alisa's hair, with or without bangs. With that little smile that belongs to her and nobody else, she's got an extra touch of charm that will probably make her more remarkable next to any other blonde. Not your usual-regular-normal fair-haired girl with clear blue eyes, definitely not. Alisa plays with the same ingredients but clearly doesn't mix them the same old way. The remixed blonde blew us away at first sight and we seriously... [Lire la suite]
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No time to lose

Anniek @ New York Models (NY) Tjarda's brilliant strawberry-blonde newcomer has a home in New York too now and it's no other than New York Models. After joining Select in London and Why Not in Milan, the tall and unforgettable Anniek keeps building her future wherever it will be. The important question isn't even where or when as long as it's carefully done, giving enough attention to every detail, every parameter. That's a bit the way it started for Anniek: a couple of polaroids going straight to the point and the best test... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Megan

Megan Hostetter @ Models International (NY) Some realities may never cross but some girls are able to take the best of both worlds, mixing different kinds of beauty in one as the  ingredients of their appeal. Playing with the usual borders of classic beauty, making hers those typical features and turning clichés upside-down. Megan seems to be specialized in all this, creating her own vibe with various pieces of different aesthetics. Do we have to talk about her intense brown hair contrasting with delicate freckles ? Or shall... [Lire la suite]
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