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Frida's Friday

        Frida Gustavsson @ IMG (Paris) Frida on a Friday night was faster than the speed of the eve. The weekend is officially in thirdy five minutes so we can proudly tell you her feature is ready before. Frida is Lexposed Face tonight and she deserved her portrait there for her remarkable Couture-performance. We called her fresh-flavored-couture-candy. Because she's fresh, she's sweet, she's surprising and opening Valentino is oh-so-Couture. Frida's portoflio is a must-see, Frida's future is as bright as she's... [Lire la suite]
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Nineteen Years Young

Krista Gamble @ Fusion (NY) Fusion girls are special. We already knew it but we love to hear it from other people. Especially from the ones we trust, like Jonathan Leder who just shot the polas above, with Fusion fresh face Krista Gamble. Special, so special. That's why our Summer interview with a Fusion girl is back this July, after a first session last August with Karolina Nevia (who was just featured again a few days ago). We asked Krista the same questions and naturally got different answers. Though, one thing seems to be... [Lire la suite]
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Shining (Twice as bright as any other light)

Alexandra Clot and Caroline Clot @ Micha Models (The Netherlands), Ford (Paris) So happy to see these three pictures arrive in an email this evening. Reminds us of Paris, last week. Our trip was definitely too short, not enough time to meet with everyone we had planned to. We only met one photographer and it was probably not enough at all. But we were so luck it was Jessie Craig and had a very good time for this model/photography breakfast on last wednesday morning. Nice time and nice talk, inspiring words. Including a few ones... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Dasha

Dasha Sushko @ Just WM (Paris) Last time (and first time) we talked about Dasha was in April, it was all about the way her mother agency Eskimo found her at school in Ukraine. Since that day, our hopes and expectations haven't stopped growing and growing, especially as she signed with one of our favorite new agencies worldwide Just WM. Up to them to develope our beloved ballerina to the max. With her perfect silhouette peaking at 5'10, blue eyes that will never lie and graceful poses, Dasha should be unstoppable now that her... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Elena !

      Elena Weidemann @ Seeds (Berlin) She just reached our email inbox two days ago and we're simply impressed. So fresh, half-classic and half-cute. Count Elena among the new generation of beauties at Seeds. And the new Seeds of today are young sprouts for tomorrow. At 17 and 5'11 (180 81-57-89) she's got the model measurements to make sure to be noticed. Because not being overlooked seems easy for her. She expresses and she impresses. She's fashion and smashion, she's subtle, she's slender, she's sublime. What... [Lire la suite]
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Twit the Twins

Patrycja Marciniak @ Mango (Poland), Next (NY) After the selective boutique from Warsaw, it's time to focus on a Polish powerhouse. Same country, other atmosphere. We recently featured EML winner from Mango, Dominika Lukiewicz and are going to have a closer look at two more stunners from the same agencies. The Marciniak sisters, the strawberry-blond sensations. Both are currently adding a little bit of speed to their career through a trip in NYC, signing with Next Models over there. Redhead love crossing the ocean and gets... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Dola !

Dola @ 23 Management (Poland) We recently discovered this boutique agency from Warswaw, 23 Management and their very selective group of models. Interesting new faces and names to remember from the mainboard. Among the first ones was a girl called Dola, Nigerian roots and born in Switzerland but scouted in Poland. Here is the stunning story behind the stunner, always interesting yet not as thrilling as her silhouette. Maybe. She's 5'9"5 (177 80-59-87) and so leggy she looks taller, she's got presence in her poses and power... [Lire la suite]
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Can't Stop Now Don't You Know (Extended Mix)

            Gloria Loitz @ Mode (Canada), One (NY) The eighties in our ears (currently, Don't Go) and Gloria in ours. Might be the perfect combination to end the day. Suitable ending, sweetness of the darkness and new pictures are shining bright. News came from every front: from One, her agency in NY, from Mode Models her mother agency and from photographer James Mahon who worked on her book (from third to last picture). Everybody is impressed and everybody is happy to be impressed. One's latest... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sveta !

Sveta Shishkina @ Avant (Russia) This was supposed to be our first post or one of our first posts today. But schedule is something that evolves pretty quickly when we receive new materials from every part of the world. We always have to stay tuned from the moment we sit down and drink our first coffee to the moment we turn off the computer and finish our last green tea. Crazy mintues are breeding crazy hours. And crazy hours side by side make a whole crazy day. We feel good, though, in this craziness. Fancy frenzy fueled by... [Lire la suite]
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New York City Girls

  Shelley @ New York Models (NY) We've been watching the new arrivals at New York Models these last few weeks. Carefully, very carefully. Who they are, where they come from, what they bring to the board. Four of five newcomers caught our attention so far and three of them finally hit our page this evening. Shelley is the first of this short, select team and she just deserves it. 5'9 and 15-years-old, scouted at a music festival and developed by Ginny Edwards, she's just making her first marks, first steps, first impression.... [Lire la suite]
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