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Meet Sveta !

Sveta Shishkina @ Avant (Russia) This was supposed to be our first post or one of our first posts today. But schedule is something that evolves pretty quickly when we receive new materials from every part of the world. We always have to stay tuned from the moment we sit down and drink our first coffee to the moment we turn off the computer and finish our last green tea. Crazy mintues are breeding crazy hours. And crazy hours side by side make a whole crazy day. We feel good, though, in this craziness. Fancy frenzy fueled by... [Lire la suite]
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New York City Girls

  Shelley @ New York Models (NY) We've been watching the new arrivals at New York Models these last few weeks. Carefully, very carefully. Who they are, where they come from, what they bring to the board. Four of five newcomers caught our attention so far and three of them finally hit our page this evening. Shelley is the first of this short, select team and she just deserves it. 5'9 and 15-years-old, scouted at a music festival and developed by Ginny Edwards, she's just making her first marks, first steps, first impression.... [Lire la suite]
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Zoom on Zoe

Zoe Mantzakanis @ MC2 (NY) According to photographer Jonathan Leder who worked with her, her potential is huge. According to her agency, MC2 in NY, Zoe is no less than exceptional and, first of all, absolutely gorgeous. Half-Swedish and half-Greek, she grew up in Sweden and is in town right now at 15 and 5'9. That's for the facts and figures about Zoe. Now pictures are what she does best and she had some fantastic opportunities to practise her abilities since she arrived: besides Jonthan Leder, she already worked with Michael... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Anna !

        Anna @ Tune Management (Germany) The freshness of her face screams new, new new. Her classic beauty is made to last and live up the hypes and hopes. Her measurements are just so perfect and her 5'10 (178) silhouette is of that kind you can't overlook. Anna was the girl we were waiting for and her first polas already show she's got all the ingredients a model needs to be a stunner. Of course, it takes more than a few pictures to have a complete impression but isn't fashion all about pictures ? Almost.... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Lynn

Lynn @ Ragazza (The Netherlands) We introduced Lynn during our trip in Berlin and times were so hectic that we didn't manage to show you more than 4 pictures. Two weeks later, Summer has brought a quiet atmosphere around and even with the same crazy amount of work, we can keep our usual pace going and going. When we received some brand new snaps taken three days ago (see more on Ragazza's blog), we thought we had to drop a few lines on leggy Lynn again with a little medley of unpublished test shots.
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Auguste in July

Auguste Abeliunaite @ Women (Milan) Last but not least. Eyes are starting to itch and time is running against us. But, somehow, we couldn't leave (and live) without a last piece on Auguste to kiss you goodnight. There is always so much to say about her but Karel Losenicky's new pictures are telling more than hundreds of words. Sleekness and depth hand in hand, a fragile intensity and an instinctive presence in front of the camera. The highest potentials are always innate. Brought to the fashion world by Vacatio Models and... [Lire la suite]
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          Stasya Izyumova @ Avant (Russia), Supreme (NY), Women (Paris), Women (Milan) We wouldn't have expected that our first feature with Stasya was with dark hair as she's always been the ultimate redhead to us. Since the first moment we saw her. The first minute, the first second perhaps. Images are faster than words. Though, as Givenchy is Givenchy and as it means what it means, we didn't mind at all a dark-brown Stasya for one afternoon. It's always better (and rarely easy) to start at the right place... [Lire la suite]
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      Paulina Klimek @ Eastern (Poland) It was a sunny day in Warsaw but Paulina probably doesn't care at the moment. She's just arrived in Milan and found her home at Joy Models there. Good pick as she simply looks like a joyful girl (not kidding, despite a slight slice of melancholy in some of her expressions). It's not the first time we feature her twice on our page and we keep thinking it's not about to stop. We remember her first polas and tests, rather shy-looking then her second batch of snaps where the... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Katerina !

Katerina Gerasimenko @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) One more discovery ? New discovery from Image Discovery is called Katerina and just needs to be discovered by the international good eyes now. She's fourteen only and obviously not ready for runways but her potential is precious enough to catch one's attention. It's all about having her in mind and thinking of her development. How to build a career step by step, without going too fast and looking for the best pace: steady and strong. She's already 5'9 which means we can dream of... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Johanne

Johanne Friis @ Ford (NY) Find the right girl and be sure you push her potential to the max. That's basically what Ford NY did with Johanne. From the finest scouting to a wise development, the 17-years-old Norwegian is in good hands. Found by Team Models in her home country, Johanne is going to make some noise - she rocks the town since she popped up there - with her serious 5'10"5 silhouette and her playful expressions. Here she sets our hearts on fire and we warmly welcome the heartbreaking kid of the fashion scene. She's... [Lire la suite]
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