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Meet Ashlee !

    Ashlee Disney @ Trump (NY) We heard about a new face at Trump from photographer Bradford Gregory (who shot the two polas and the last row). We heard about incredible potential and saw powerful pictures. We heard the camera just loves her and we saw she might like the camera as well. Ashlee Disney is the new one to keep in mind at the agency, she's got that playful 5'11"5 (181) silhouette that doesn't leave any room to doubts. Facts and figures in the same package and the little extra touch that makes... [Lire la suite]
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Beauty without compromises

      Karolina Nevia @ Fusion (NY) Third time for Karolina on our page! Third time and we're still thrilled by so much potential, dazzled by her expressions and her looks. We started with an interview of her, almost one year ago and featured her polaroids (check out the performer) two months later. 2009 is the year of the portfolio for Karolina as she added various tests and has been working hard for a lot of magazines we adore. Getting her own complete package. With a 5'10 silhouette and an almost surreal ability to... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Hana !

Hana Sigutova @ PMST Power and presence. First words, first impressions, often the right ones. She was the secret-girl at PMST for a few days but didn't remain a best-kept secret for too long and the urge to introduce her quickly replaced the whispers and hidden hopes. Placements are already on a good way for Hana. True to PMST's trademark of flawless, high-level beauties, she mixes that incredibly eye-catching face (gaze, gaze, gaze!) with a 5'9"5 silhouette (177 83-59-88). Sweet sixteen and picture-perfect, catch the... [Lire la suite]
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Especially Estonian

      Marliis @ MJ Models (Estonia) Marliis is one of our favorite faces from Estonian powerhouse MJ Models (home of Karmen Pedaru). She's 174 (83-61-85) and making her first steps in Europe these days. Summer trip in Milan, where she's signed with Next Models. Development is going its way, porftolio is getting thicker and we're sure she'll come up with the perfect roster in less time than you need to think about it. We're in love with this slightly impish gaze, strong look and gently rebellious mood she's got. And,... [Lire la suite]
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D stands for Dominika, L for Lukiewicz

Dominika Lukiewicz @ Mango (Poland) She's the brand new Polish winner of the world-famous Elite Model Look contest. 2009 is all about Dominika at the moment, she's fresh and looks fresh, she's 5'9 and one of the most captivating new faces at Mango Models in Warsaw. She's this kind of girl who looks promising at first time and rarely disappoint when it comes to print works or, later, actual editorial jobs. Tests already speaks for themselves and are the best way to introduce her, with that incredible face shape and rock'n'roll... [Lire la suite]
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She is that kind of girl

          Saundrine Lanouette @ Ford (NY) It's called "spread the good word". That's how it happened with Saundrine. We heard good things about her from photographers Jonathan Leder (last two rows) and Bradford Gregory (the four pictures in the middle). Both couldn't stop telling us how stunning and surprising she is. And we just trusted them. And we were right. When we saw the results, we couldn't not agree the girl has something special. So special. Some presence, some energy, good... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Yulia

Yulia Mizhuy @ Why Not (Milan) The Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story or another modern version of Cinderella ? Or just Yulia Mizhuy who makes her marks in the fashion world, on the fashion scene via Why Not Models in Milan ? We go for the latter, Yulia is maybe youthfull and precious, she looks like nobody else than herself. She's 5'8"5 and comes from Rush Models in Russia (same agency who gave us the also-oh-so-precious Dasha featured a few days ago). There is some power behind the cuteness of her young features,... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Aysche part two

      Aysche Tiefenbrunner @ AM Model Management (Germany) Again! It's already the second part of our Development diaries dedicated to Aysche, one of the numerous stunners of the German boutique AM Model Management who brought girls like Luisa Bianchin or Luise Spengler on the fashion scene. Aysche knows how to look intense and that's what caught our eyes first (Meet Aysche! or how to fall in love in four seconds and a video). Aysche knows how to pose and that's why we featured her a second time. Aysche never... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Heather !

Heather Koenitzer @ Ford (San Francisco) Another girl to keep in mind if you're in London (or watching what's going on there) at the moment is Heather Koenitzer. Found and managed by Ford Models in San Francisco, she's currently on trip and called Bookings Models her british home. With her  5'11 silhouette and a true talent for posing in front of the camera (emotion, emotions!), there is definitely a special brunette in town with some wildcard(s) in her sleeve. You'll see. Watch out, glossy paper can bite sometimes...
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Classic is Fantastic

        Nikola @ Eastern (Poland) First time we featured Nikola, she was a fresh face on her innocent snapshots from Poland. Now she's ready to swim with the big fishes, why not with the big sharks. Nikola is currently in London, working with one of our perennial favorite agencies - Premier Model Management. Polish girl on her way, international stunner in making. We're in love with the classic-with-a-twist appeal she's got (which we called Classic is Fantastic in our previous feature on her) and we're in love... [Lire la suite]
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