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Meet Heather !

Heather Koenitzer @ Ford (San Francisco) Another girl to keep in mind if you're in London (or watching what's going on there) at the moment is Heather Koenitzer. Found and managed by Ford Models in San Francisco, she's currently on trip and called Bookings Models her british home. With her  5'11 silhouette and a true talent for posing in front of the camera (emotion, emotions!), there is definitely a special brunette in town with some wildcard(s) in her sleeve. You'll see. Watch out, glossy paper can bite sometimes...
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Classic is Fantastic

        Nikola @ Eastern (Poland) First time we featured Nikola, she was a fresh face on her innocent snapshots from Poland. Now she's ready to swim with the big fishes, why not with the big sharks. Nikola is currently in London, working with one of our perennial favorite agencies - Premier Model Management. Polish girl on her way, international stunner in making. We're in love with the classic-with-a-twist appeal she's got (which we called Classic is Fantastic in our previous feature on her) and we're in love... [Lire la suite]
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Here comes Hanna

      Hanna Samokhina @ Joy (Milan) The natural eye-catcher. You don't need more than a few seconds to notice her if you check Joy's latest new faces in town and it take only a few more seconds to love her look. She's Hanna Samokhina, she's photogenic, she's stunning. Meet the sunner, feel the power. Dark blond hair and deep blue eyes, a true love-story with the camera and so much charisma from her polas to the most elaborated test shot. A twist of melancholy and a slightly distant gaze bring her the extra classy... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Josefien !

  Josefien @ Future Faces (The Netherlands) How is life ? How is summer ? Holidays ? No holiday here. New faces keep coming from every part of this world and beyond. New one today, new sensation on a sunny monday morning is called Josefien and was found by Future Faces, the agency in Amsterdam who also manages our favorites Ronja, Juicy, Renee or Isabel - all featured here. Josefien is a gorgeous (and very talented) 15-years-old girl who's already 5'10 (180 82-62-87). Photographer Yorick Nube captured the best of her as he... [Lire la suite]
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Getting darker to walk into the light

Nastyusha @ Avant (Russia) Little Nastyusha, we missed you so much. But she's young and she's got time to make her marks. Though, we're more than happy to post a few new tests of hers, shot by Nikita Manin who just captured one of the (various?) unexplored sides of her potential. She looks more serious, a little darker in front of the camera but hasn't lost anything of her inital cuteness or freshness, almost innocence, that caught our eyes and attention at her very beginnings. The 5'9"5 pixie from Avant knows how to build... [Lire la suite]
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Ladadi, Ladada

Adina Forizs @ IMG (Paris) We heard some whispers full of doubts and disbelief when we were writing a little article on Adina for online magazine Playing Fashion (the Vulnerability issue, read it here). Why Adina ? First, because she became a perennial favorite of ours through her editorials. She can be fragile and haunting and both at the same moment. From her smashing debuts to a wide range of stunning print works Adina build a so-called atypical career that might be the next typical pattern for future faces. Getting in,... [Lire la suite]
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Back to FDIB Basics: Nix or Nothing

Alison Nix @ Women (NY) We received these pictures right before our trip to Berlin for the shows and were impatient to see her there. Met her on the first morning, so glad to see her again after so much time. Best backstage memories ever were almost all related to Alison. Berlin was hers for a couple of days and the peak of the week was certainly her appearance at Boss Orange s/s 10. With Gant, Michalsky and Schumacher also on her booking-list, she's clearly another success for her german agency Modelwerk. We support Alison since... [Lire la suite]
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Kelly and Isabel and Valentina and Ragazza

            Kelly and Isabel @ Ragazza (The Netherlands) Both Kelly and Isabel were featured recently on our page, both are from Ragazza Model Management and both were shot by Valentina Vos something like three days ago. Four maybe, time goes so fast (which is a good thing when you're eager to see September and the frenzy coming back again). Well, summer always leaves us with some unexpected opportunities like featuring more photographers' work, looking back to our favorite models ever or daring to... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Vera !

    Vera @ Avant (Russia) It seems there is not a single week without a special new girl from Avant Models who is able to join our favorites. Lately, they were called Kristina, Anna, Anya and, of course Sava and Stasya. Today she's called Vera and she's 5'11 (180) with a picture-perfect runway body. She caught our attention a few weeks ago with a couple of digitals, quick snaps without styling but we simply couldn't get her out of our heads. Classic yet highly captivating, just here to remember us that is possible to... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Dasha !

      Dasha @ Rush (Russia) True love. Or love that is true to our tastes. Would be another title for "Meet Dasha!" and would sound perfect. But as she's not placed yet and so fresh, we thought we would keep the first one for this time. She's got the kind of look we always fall for, no matter what trend is around, no matter the market, no matter the zeitgeist. What makes a crush remains a mystery and it might be better like that. Dasha is dashing like a real Dasha and with a 5'9 silhouette plus... [Lire la suite]
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