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Oh we feel (she's for real)

      Victoria Anderson @ DNA (NY) Victoria Anderson. Last time we featured her was probably with some editorial pieces by Ben Watts from some magazines we don't remember the name (but good ones for sure). Now her latest pictures are just released, shot by Maxim Repin who was utterly impressed by the girl (5'9, impish gaze, unusual look). Some soft-rocking poses, fierce and distant expressions in front of his camera and the magic works for real. Careers take some time for sure but when time is on your side...
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Avant Garde

  Stasya @ Avant (Russia), Supreme (NY), Women (Paris) Two girls from Avant, two girls from Supreme, two exlusive girls at Givenchy and ten minutes to spend with them after the show. Stasya is a redhead but Givenchy is Givenchy and all the girls had to work out the same kind of look to fit the atmosphere of the collection and Ricardo Tisci's world. Though, red or much darker, Stasya's potential is larger than the universe and she's even more impressive in person as she was on the first pictures we saw. Everything is natural,... [Lire la suite]
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Lucky Lukomska

        Kinga Lukomska @ City (Paris) We arrived a bit late in Paris yesterday and had to skip a few shows. Unfortunately. It's even more unfortunate that one of the models at Stephane Rolland (a show we adored last time) was actually our all-time darling Kinga Lukomska. We featured her a few weeks ago with her brand new digitals from Poland (mother agency is SPP in Wroclaw) and here are the newest from Paris, recently shot at City Models. Stephane Rolland S/S 09 belonged to our favorites because of the mix... [Lire la suite]
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Sweet intensity for look number two

        Ranya Mordanova @ Supreme (NY) We told once that Avant Models finds avant garde faces. Was quite a pun, was quite true as well. Sounds good anyway and examples are... legions now. So, their number two is our number one today. Ranya just hit the runway again, where it has all begun for her last March. Good timing meets the look meets the management. Meets the right photographer as well. Emir Eralp shot this story with Ranya, black-haired beauty in black and white and from every possible angle. Focusing on... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Rayana !

Rayana @ Ford (San Francisco) She's ready for a trip to LA and we're already looking forward to her future. Beyond the summer sessions. Rayana is 15-years-old and 5'9, she's the most powerful fresh face from Ford in San Francisco. Jonathan Leder worked with her very recently and we couldn't resist to know more about a girl he described as extremely promising. The pictures seem to say the same and we could only agree. Just agree with the fact she's fantastic. Her mum was a model too, her father is photographer and she started as a... [Lire la suite]
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September seems so soon

Laine Rogova @ 2B Models (Latvia) Laine belongs to our perennial favorites now and it's quite a huge thing for a girl we could still describe as a new face. She's already working for a little while yet she's still at her beginnings. Though, all we've seen of her portfolio was purely amazing. Thrilling. Soft power might be the word to describe her potential. She looks sweet, soft but can work out any mood for any kind of editorial. Latest example ? Her new spread in Dutch Glamour shot by Anna Rosa Krau. Delicate and graceful. And... [Lire la suite]
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Kick Upstairs

  Ramune Mickeviciute @ Metropolitan (Lithuania) We wrote it last time and we could say it again, Ramune is a model who only gets better with time. Improving her skills, showing how powerful her poses and expressions get with each new picture. This is exactly what happened again and keeps happening. We were smitten by her modeling abilities in her latest tests from Greece and we could now consider the 5'10 Lithuanian from Metropolitan Vilnius (signed with Elite Milan abroad) as a serious player on the current fashion scene.... [Lire la suite]
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She's precious, like the sun

Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland) Magdalena Fiolka on a sunny afternoon in Berlin was one of the highlight of our week in the city. It was right after she walked for Marcel Ostertag and right before we ran to our next show, she looked fantastic both on the runway and when she came out. Much presence and a lot of cuteness. It was already love at first sight when we saw her polas a while ago, it was love at first sight again when we saw her walking out of the tent in Bebelplatz (where many shows take place). She was a bit... [Lire la suite]
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A smile in demand

  Zuzana Jahicova @ Union (London)   She‘s been busy with school but everybody wants her, Zuzana is one of these precious ones and you are extremely lucky when you can get her for your next shooting. Summer is coming and it might be the greatest moment to try to get a slice of her potential and a touch of Zuzana in your magazine. She was found by Exit Models and since have been very carefully groomed by Union Models in London. They say she‘s the girl with the most amazing attitude they have ever signed and... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Lynn !

Lynn @ Ragazza (The Netherlands) First post of July comes a little late but we think Lynn is sensational enough to open this new month. Our trip in Berlin for Fashion Week is taking a lot of our time right now so updates might be a tad slower as usual but we‘re not only keeping our eyes wide open on the new girls in town, our international radar is still on. Heat doesn‘t help us but hot new girls are our breeze of fresh air when the weather gets too hard to handle and the schedule turns too hectic. The atmosphere is great and... [Lire la suite]
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