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She's precious, like the sun

Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland) Magdalena Fiolka on a sunny afternoon in Berlin was one of the highlight of our week in the city. It was right after she walked for Marcel Ostertag and right before we ran to our next show, she looked fantastic both on the runway and when she came out. Much presence and a lot of cuteness. It was already love at first sight when we saw her polas a while ago, it was love at first sight again when we saw her walking out of the tent in Bebelplatz (where many shows take place). She was a bit... [Lire la suite]
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A smile in demand

  Zuzana Jahicova @ Union (London)   She‘s been busy with school but everybody wants her, Zuzana is one of these precious ones and you are extremely lucky when you can get her for your next shooting. Summer is coming and it might be the greatest moment to try to get a slice of her potential and a touch of Zuzana in your magazine. She was found by Exit Models and since have been very carefully groomed by Union Models in London. They say she‘s the girl with the most amazing attitude they have ever signed and... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Lynn !

Lynn @ Ragazza (The Netherlands) First post of July comes a little late but we think Lynn is sensational enough to open this new month. Our trip in Berlin for Fashion Week is taking a lot of our time right now so updates might be a tad slower as usual but we‘re not only keeping our eyes wide open on the new girls in town, our international radar is still on. Heat doesn‘t help us but hot new girls are our breeze of fresh air when the weather gets too hard to handle and the schedule turns too hectic. The atmosphere is great and... [Lire la suite]
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Catching a Star while Chasing Rainbows

                  Ursula Kim @ Avant (Russia) She's the kind of models that makes the sun shines for us regardless of the weather. She's got the energy, the look, the potential. No matter how you call it, she's got it. All of the girls we feature here are special but if one of them is special among the specials, we would say it's Ursula at the moment (plus we're always fond of great names). She's 5'9 or even a little more now and works out this crazy (and gorgeous) hairdo like... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Gerda !

Gerda Obelieniute @ Supermodels (Lithuania) We saw her polas not so long ago and were impressed by the potential. Now, we're even more impressed by... the facts. Potential remains pretty untouched for now but these tests are simply the most amazing example of these girls who turn into great models in a couple of weeks only. Scouted by Supermodels in Lithuania, Gerda is 15 and 5'10"5 (179). She quickly switched from her new face status to the main board and is currently on summer trip (the tests are from New York). According... [Lire la suite]
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Wiktoria, ready for the Wiktory

          Wiktoria @ One (NY) She was the greatest surprise of the weekend, Wiktoria just arrived at One and her portfolio already looks like she was born in front of the camera. We must say no one compares to photographer Anderson to make this Polish jewel shine. With a pretty dark aura and impish gaze. Wiktoria is 5'9, brown hair on brown eyes and... is ready for the wiktory. We're so in love with getting a taste of New York the day we're leaving to Berlin.
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Photomaton with Jackie

Jackie @ ML Studio (Poland) Redhead love is all around this afternoon. Sunny, windy summer day just twenty four hours before Berlin. Redhead love for unusual redhead. After Janete, here comes Jackie, half-Polish half-Cuban stunner from ML Studio in Szczecin. She only signed two weeks ago but after the first weekend she already had some brilliant tests in her portfolio, carefully groomed by multi-tasked photographer Magda Lipiejko. Jackie is 5'10 (178 86-61-89) and striked us for her incredible presence on pictures. And copper... [Lire la suite]
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All in One

        Janete Friedrich @ One (NY) Glossy hair, dark lipstick, leather jacket and tie. Catch the style and feel the distant fire. There is something serious about her look and it's quite a prowess in itslef as it takes to be a fabulous model to make orange hair look so serious. There is something distant in her expressions which makes them truly classy. And classic, somehow. We know it's probably the last word someone would have in mind regarding Janete's beauty type but we truly feel this classic vibe on her... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Laura !

          Laura @ Cover Models (Canada) Laura was discovered by Cover Models, a scouting and placement boutique from Ottawa known for their very caring approach, always making sure their girls (and boys by the way) receive the right opportunities from the day they are scouted to their first placement etc. Scouting and placement, we said. Very selective, as well, and that's how Laura joined them. For this special face and incredible attitude in front of the camera, no matter if it's for a couple of digitals... [Lire la suite]
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Agency Report: Image Discovery

Inni Kozak @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Scouting is something serious and has to be taken seriously. That's how Image Discovery's founder describes his projects and the way he works daily. Good eye, good management, good people - it all brings you more opportunities. Another important aspect of Image Discovery's work is the extremely selective process from the moment a girl is noticed in the streets to the exact minute she signs a contract with an agency abroad. It's all about choosing partners and targeting the right ones ... [Lire la suite]
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