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Paris is ringing, Iana is stunning

Iana Godnia @ Elite (Paris) It's summer now, it's frenzy soon and it's holidays later. We can already feel the sun and the excitement of Berlin then Paris. Let's stay as clumsy as we are and start with a taste of Paris. Things are getting serious in the City of Lights and lots of good news are coming from this front. Most of the good news are from the freshest new faces in town at the moment. One of them is (actually many of them are) signed with Elite and is called Iana. She's a brunette with brows, both gorgeous and... [Lire la suite]
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Special, Specialized and Lexposed

      Yulia Lobova @ Trump (NY) In Spanish lobo means wolf but Yulia isn't Spanish and won't change into a werewolf after midnight. She's rather a girl who turns into the most amazing model when she's in front of the camera and her latest polas are simply... the best we've seen lately. Expressive. Ethereal. Mysterious. The same way she was at Kenzo, last March - backstage as much as on the runway. She's not our favorite girl at Trump right now without reasons. Read the Reasons, See More HERE.
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Meet Carolin !

  Carolin @ Nine Daughters and a Stereo (Germany) First new face to begin the week is a very special one. Found by Nine Daughters an and Stereo, an agency with an extremely strong aesthetic and efficient scouting - check their website and you'll immediately understand the special one comes from a special agency. Carolin is from Cologne in Germany, she's 17 and scores at 5'11 (180 81-61-90) which should already be enough to make her special. But where she did her first steps on a runway makes even more unique. Direct booking... [Lire la suite]
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Casting at Viva in Amica: the New Classic ?

Clara Buchanan, Donna Loos and Stephanie Van Arendonk @ Viva (Paris) This month, Amica's casting flies to Paris and meets with three girls from Viva, shot by Van Mossevelde + N. First of them is Clara Buchanan, just featured below. Timing was just perfect as we got our copy of Amica only a few hours after publishing our feature on Clara. Let's celebrate her third one here while waiting for more of the girl who's currently re-designing the concept of classic beauty. The same could also fit for Stephanie Van Arendonk, a... [Lire la suite]

Clara in June

Clara Buchanan @ Ford (NY) We featured Clara almost two months ago, after she did a few tests in Paris (with Viva) perfectly portrayed by photographer Bruno Werzisnki. Now it's big, big time to update on Clara again as she's back in New York with some freshly taken polaroids. What we love most with these new pictures is how she handles the contrasts between her look (outfit etcetera) and her delicate features which we already praised last time. It just goes back to our description of her potential: a classic beauty who with... [Lire la suite]
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A girl to remember from an agency to keep in mind

    Inken @ Place Models (Hamburg) A girl to remember from an agency to keep in mind. These could be the best words to describe Inken and were the first ones to come in our minds when we received her materials at the end of March. We weren't sure if we had to rush and follow our excitement to feature her as soon as possible or if we had to wait for the very best moment to talk about her. We finally went for the second option and took time as our best friend. Now Inken (5'9"5 - 177) is signed with IMG and appeared at... [Lire la suite]
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Summer Stunner ?

Willemijn Koppelman @ SPS (The Netherlands) We featured her for the first time when she walked for Marni, was on the 1st of March and she was our TMSRRE girl number nineteen. Things went very well for her since that beautiful pre-spring day and she's been working with photographers like Jonathan Segade in Paris (shots styled by Sara Bascuñán) among others. She's going back to the City of Lights ASAP and she's definitely ready to work on her book now. Ready to be a real summer stunner and we stay tuned for more fantastic updates.... [Lire la suite]
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Polish girls turned Brits: Basia and Martyna

Martyna @ First (London) She's 5'10"5 and too cute, she's from Eastern Models, Warsaw and recently made her first steps in London with First Model Management. We immediately fell in love with the shape of her eyes, quite unique and very expressive with a twist of melancholy and a touch of joy. Add the perfect styling of her polaroids: her shirt is pure and simple and brilliantly matches the leather trousers. Mixing sweetness to hard rocking potential brings you on the highway to success. Power lights requested. Martyna... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Anouk

Anouk @ Models In Company (The Netherlands) Two months and two weeks ago we introduced you to this little treasure, precious jewel called Anouk and represented by Models In Company. The very unique shape of her face and her body language turned her into an immediate favorite among this new generation of dutch beauties. So, talkative poses in front of the camera quickly became her trademark and that's what caught our eyes again with these brand new tests (and exclusive snap). Last time we saw her bringing simple studio shots to... [Lire la suite]
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Smitten by Smita

Smita Lasrado @ Just WM (Paris) Born and raised in India but heavily in love with Paris and addicted to our french croissants, Smita is one of these girls who immediately caught our eyes at Just WM. It took us just one look actually and we knew there was something special with Smita. So, excuse the title but it's all so true: we were simply smitten. She already did the cover of Indian Marie-Claire and is featured on Just WM's brand new blog. Smita is 5'11 (180 80-58-89) and... the story is just beginning. We guess we'll be... [Lire la suite]
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