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Meet Kelly !

  Kelly @ Ragazza Model Management (The Netherlands) Kelly is signed with Ragazza since yesterday only but she already set our hearts on fire with her unique little face and her 5'10"5 (179) leggy silhouette. So fresh, so new, so now. Something raw mixed with something extremely delicate, like a punk ballerina (truth is always in between, truth is always mixed etc.). It sounds like the usual tune but we can't get rid of that uptempo song which says... she's a model, a future cover-girl maybe and loaded with potential for... [Lire la suite]
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Back to Babylon

                Regina Feoktistova @ Women (NY) If we couldn't see the American flag in the background on the first picture, we could imagine this story was shot on any shore. In Deauville or any northern beach of Germany or The Netherlands. Who knows. Maybe an imaginary place we have been dreaming of forever. Maybe Regina makes a real place (Cedar Beach) turn into a dream. Who knows. We can't swear anything and no truth is ever granted about photography as soon as you have someone to watch it... [Lire la suite]
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Fab Face ? Indre, Indeed

    Indre Piskarskaite @ Elite (London) Super hairdo plus coolest smile ever plus piercing gaze plus... the list is going to be too long to fit into one post only. So let's make it quick: Indre is fab, fabber than fab. Indre is the fabbest girl in London right now and we're all about her today (and tomorrow, don't worry). So much that we decided she is our latest Lexposed Face. You'll see it, you'll read it: there is something in the hair.
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Red Alert at AM Model Management

         Luisa Bianchin @ AM Model Management (Germany) Development takes time and needs to be taken step by step. If you really want it, take it slow then keep it rock'n roll. That's exactly the way AM Model Management (also check Aysche, twice) took to handle Luisa's career. She's simply precious as precious can be and need the very best care. The agency from Bergheim, Germany provides it without any doubt from Luisa's international placement to her most recent materials. An update was impossible to... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Olga

      Olga Cerpita @ Studio KLRP (Paris) Next one, next boutique beauty on our list is called Olga Cerpita and is the latest attraction brought in town by Studio KLRP, Paris. She's eighteen and Latvian, scores at 5'11 (180) which guarantees her the appeal of a lovely silhouette and her face simply looks like out of a painting... what could we ask for more, as painters ourselves. This morning is a dream, we're just wondering if we really woke up at seven or if we're still asleep. We wouldn't mind another coffee and... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Albina !

Albina @ Sharm Models (Ukraine) Our next one this morning comes from Sharm Models, Urkaine and is called by this gorgeous name: Albina. Not only her name radiates, her face and silhouette are perfectly matching it. 5'10 (178 87-61-90) plus stunning eye-catching eyes plus a very special face shape enhanced by beautiful hair: it sounds and actually looks like she's got quite the model package and the skills to use it right on her test shots. We want to see her in Paris, London, Milan, up to you to catch the fever but we see a lot... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Michalina

Michalina @ Eastern (Poland) We introduced Michalina not so long ago. Freshness meets almost-classic beauty. Now, our 16-years-old lovely from Poland has just started in Paris as well, with Karin Models (to see more about their new faces, please have a look at Elodie and Pauline). What we like with this agency is how they build books with constant and consistent quality from tests shots to the early magazine pages of a career. As Michalina has just arrived and is currently working on her portfolio, we should have what we need to... [Lire la suite]
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Cooler than the coolest

Anja Krvina @ Ford (Paris) We're not so fond of references or comparisons but when we've been told by her agent that she reminds her of a young Valerie Kaprisky in the movie from 1984 L'Année des Méduses, we only saw a sincere and deep feeling. And her very own reason to pick Anja as a new face for Ford Paris after seeing her in London (with Profile Models), a few weeks ago. It was a matter of personality and attitude, both able to match her beauty with an equal intensity. Almost no need to mention she's 5'9 after that, some... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Ingrida

    Ingrida Arlauskaite @ Elite (Paris) She's Lithuanian, she's sweet 16 and she's just arrived in Paris where she's signed with Elite. Brought on the scene by Baltic Model (who also found stunners like Dovile Virsilaite, Patricija Zilinskaite and Elite's other current lovely: Julija Steponaviciute). Ingrida has got this special touch that makes the precious ones. Peculiar. Oh so peculiar. She's 5'9"5 and just added sublime tests from the City of Lights. First chapter is being written and we're watching the letters... [Lire la suite]
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Merel does it much, much better

      Merel Zoet @ SPS (The Netherlands) We've had an eye open on Merel for a little while and it's a big pleasure to have the right material from SPS Model Management to feature her, here and now. Thanks to the limitless talent of photographer Gilbert François, Merel is ready to travel now. With no make-up involved, it became possible to capture her very natural look. What we love is this playful gaze, moody pout and perfect cheekbones which, when they all mix together turn into one of the most interesting faces of... [Lire la suite]
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