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We are Heleenists

Heleen Scholten @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) Another piece of Heleen's portfolio, a new story by Yorick Nubé, a couple of good news and a lot of visual emotions. That's how we start our monday morning. Let's start where she'll start now: after signing with New York Models, Heleen has just joined agencies like Nathalie in Paris and Select in London to complete her international placements. Micha Models' bold blonde hasn't lost this impish cuteness that made her so unique on her early days but she also knows now how to... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Kristina !

 Kristina Lisovenko @ Avant (Russia) Sunday afternoon, heavy yet happy weather (or is it the other way round?) and its typical atmosphere, quite relaxing. Sunday but already close to monday morning which means it's time to introduce new faces again. And the first of the week becomes Kristina, one of these stunning fresh girls just signed with Avant Models in Moscow. Believe it, believe us, there is more surprises to come from this front... But back to Kristina, the heart of our topic, she's 17 and 175 with something... [Lire la suite]
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Fasten the seatbelts of your Thunderbird

    Tayane Leao @ Ford (NY) Looking like a perfect free bird with her new hairdo - a brilliant mix of cool and classy - Tayane is back on our page with another brilliant series of test shots. This time by Bradford Gregory who perfectly captured her laid-back look and dramatic mood in the atmosphere of an ending afternoon at the beach. Apart from our love for what we see (and our love for Tayane's portfolio), another little detail that counts a lot is the way the photographer sees it, his feelings towards the work he did... [Lire la suite]
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Merel International

Merel @ Models In Company (The Netherlands) We featured Merel twice (check here and there) when she was just beginning. Since these days (not so long ago) she has never stopped, never stopped improving as well. From Material Girl to her recent work she did in Tokyo above (with Bravo Models). She's just back from her trip and getting ready for the next one, to New York this time where she's signed with DNA just like another stunning new face from Models In Company, Ilse. Merel hasn't lost anything of her unusual cuteness and... [Lire la suite]
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Elite Citizens

Alexina Graham, Anastasija Kondratjeva, Michaela Hlavackova and Suzie Bird @ Elite (Paris) Let's say it how we think it: we love these series in Citizen K. In each issue a bunch of girls are modelling one theme in the main editorial. Theme of the season, vision of the season, vision of the creatives working for the magazine or the photographer (here Sol Sanchez). The models are all from one agency in Paris and we already saw the girls from Major or Nathalie. This time, they are from Elite: four ones, four different profiles,... [Lire la suite]

Saturday, Saturnight

Giedre Dukauskaite @ PMST Some people see Saturday as the epitome of a random shopping day, some people see it as an afternoon dedicated to cleaning their mind of its bad feelings and many others are just waiting for the night to fall, Saturday being only Saturnight. For us, it's only the day when French Elle is released and that's quite enough after all. We don't shop till we drop and we hardly party. So, apart from relaxing, we spent it next to the scanner or catching up with all we didn't have time for during the rest... [Lire la suite]
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Brand New Blondes in London

Ida Ojanen @ Brand (Finland) Quite a classic beauty relying on the flawless formula: blond hair, darker eyebrows. It's an endless story of how this slight and subtle contrast can work out an aesthetic effect that never fails to catch our eyes. Examples are legions but it always hit its target as if it was brand new. Brand new ? Ida was found by Brand Models in Finland and is indeed brand new at First Model Management in London, adding a touch of classy strength and freshness to their inventive development board, First Instict.... [Lire la suite]
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The crackling in our heads said it's now

Charlotte Pallister @ DNA (NY) When we quickly saw her last March during fashion week in Paris it was like a fast blast of the past. And a quick glimpse into the future. Near future ? The future is now and in NY. Charlotte is signed with DNA and has recently refreshed her portfolio with some of the most promising photographers of their era. Including this series by Maxim Repin who was already featured here with his tests shots of Jana Kay and Sacha Blue, both at IMG.  Capturing the girls' very personal potential isn't... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Tanya !

    Tanya @ Mandarina Models (Romania) Last but not least of this incredible new team at Mandarina, Tanya who's also Moldavian. She's 5'9"5 (177 81-60-85) and might be one of the most stunning of all these new girls we have seen lately. Matching the very high standards of the agency and definitely the kind to capture some international attention with her unique feaures. But her face isn't everything and you'll quickly noticed she knows how to create an atmosphere, how to embody a mood like she does on her... [Lire la suite]
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Victoria, the mighty mouse at Women Paris

Victoria Mukhonko @ Women (Paris) She arrived at Women Paris last week, like a little mouse without noise. A little shy and very cute, Victoria is the freshest of their current board. A little shy could be worrying but not for a girl like her who can forget about shyness as soon as she's in front of a camera. And that's exactly what happened. She's been sent to photographer Jonathan Segade (one to keep in mind as well) and suddenly the shy mouse turned to an expressive young lady, able to bring much emotions and grace in her... [Lire la suite]
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