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Midday Gambling and Safe Bet

        Tayane Leao @ Ford (NY) She was recently featured on Ford's brand new (and lovely) blog. And here she comes, here comes Tayane's tests by James Mahon (also blogging for the best). Last days of Spring, already morphing into Summer, the heat growing higher and the mood getting lighter. Enjoy the visual power of a new hairdo, a new vibe strenghtening some naturally eye-catching potential, 5'9"5 Tayane has imposed herself as the epitome of the cool brunette and modern classic beauty. Finding new girls... [Lire la suite]
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Green Beams

Agnieszka Gwara @ Major (Milan) First face of the day is from Poland, with Major Milan (also Major Paris) and currently in Greece. Global presence for Agnieszka, global look as well - the perfect mix of cuteness and mystery, natural beauty on polaroids and sophisticated expressions on tests. With the rare ability to combine a very edgy side to some more high-end commercial appeal, Agnieszka (174 83-57-86) offers a unique blend to our eyes today and to yours tomorrow. Sure she has her place in the sun(lights). Her green eyes... [Lire la suite]
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Aneu, anyhow

        Aneu @ Uno (Barcelona) First time we heard of Aneu was last summer. Last days of July or maybe we're completely mistaken and we're just thinking of her as if her beauty has always been around. Not a completely mistaken feeling: Aneu's very own appeal is build on an almost-classic face, timeless beauty and an incredibly deep (even melancholic, even serious and so mysterious) gaze. Aneu (found by Uno) doesn't really follow any trend, she doesn't belong to any aesthetical family of models. Brown hair... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Ann !

Ann @ Sharm Models (Ukraine) It's all about the shape of her eyes. Or maybe it's much, much more. It might be about her silhouette too, she's 5'10 (178 84-59-87) and it could be her hair somehow. Truth is, wherever it comes from, that Ann is striking. 21-years-old model from Sharm Models in Lugansk, Ukraine, has more than one ace in hand and we're only talking about her polaroids. Leggy silhouettes always work better with soulful gazes and that's exactly what Ann brings with her on these seven pictures. One to remember for... [Lire la suite]
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Radiate and Never Fade Away

Victoria Sekrier @ Ford (Paris) A model who deserves more attention. A girl who steadily adds interesting pieces to her portfolio, who worked and still works with great photographers, shooting great editorials and never fails to bring some emotions to every single picture she takes. She was remarkable this season with some precious appearances at a very select group of shows in London and Paris including Jean Paul Gaultier (definitely true to his tastes) and Ann Demeulemeester (call her a favorite). Latest piece on extra-large... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sarah !

      Sarah Boehling @ W Model Management (Canada) An eye on Sarah. We noticed her a little while ago and we've never stopped watching, waiting for the right moment. And the right materials to come. Here they are, brand new tests (and a few more centimeters as she's now 5'9 34-24-35). So, meet Sarah today, meet the freshest American beauty and the most striking newcomer from Wallace Model Management, one of our favorite boutique agencies we already knew thanks to girls like Samantha Rayner. We guess there... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Alice !

Alice Fredine @ Mode Models (Canada) Good news from the powerhouse! Meghan Collison, one of the brightest (and darkest) stars ever at Mode Models in on the cover of the new Vogue Italia (July 2009 issue) shot by Steven Meisel which means it's her third cover and his love for her look is completely alive. And going wild in the same editorial as Anna De Rijk featured just below. We still have to be a little patient to see some high resolution pictures of Vogue but we have a little surprise from Mode for now. Alice Fredine might... [Lire la suite]
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Relax baby, Vogue will turn out fine

      Anna De Rijk @ Viva (Paris), Viva (London), Women (Milan), DNA (NY) She's one of the best surprise (not a complete surprise as we already knew since F/W 09-10 she's got some very good eyes standing behind her) of the Resort collections, opening Prada then walking Miu Miu. The most delicate chin of the whole fashion world is getting more popular everyday and Anna is gathering a very impressive list of jobs these days. It doesn't stop with resort runways and even if it did, it would already be quite huge. But... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sava !

  Sava @ Avant (Russia) She's the latest little jewel from Avant Models in Moscow (for those who still don't know, the mother agency of Ranya Mordanova and Yulia Kharlapanova among many others) and she's one of the most stunning new faces we've been allowed to see lately. Sava is just 14 but already 5'8 (174) which means we can expect a few more centimeters in a near future. Found by photographer Lev Efimov who shot her first tests above, she's got this little extra we always love with newbies: the innate knowledge of... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Hannele

  Hannele Turu @ Just WM (Paris) Hannele (jaw-dropping gorgeous name) used to sing in a music band to escape from boredom of her teenage years. Now she's working on paintings (just as we do), large size paintings (while we only do A4) and she's a model signed with Just WM in Paris. Where else, after all. She's the typical atypical untypical kind of models you'll find at WM. All in nuance and subtletly from her personality to her natural look (warm light brown hair meets green-grey eyes), she counts as much on a 5'9"5... [Lire la suite]
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