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6 Months, 6 Nights

        Megija Kenina @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) You may not see any connection between Deimante and Megija, and even if there were none at all it wouldn't stop the modeling world from going on. And on, and on again. Only a few will immediately remember Megija too, made her first steps in front of Natalie Berzina's camera. But that's already quite a good little while ago and the landscape in New York's tiny agencies-world has dramatically changed since we first saw Megija Kenina in Riga, something like... [Lire la suite]
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Limelight News

Emma Dumont @ Ford (NY) We closed last week with Emma and start this one with her again. Going round but tuned for the future, might be the mood of the day. First thing, we believed it was quite useful and lovely to show how the cute and ethereal Emma can turn into a sophisticated model with a little (and a little only) styling. Sleek black and white allows us to put our finger on another side of her potential while she proved her best asset is definitely this delicate fagile look, which doesn't fade away once seen through another... [Lire la suite]
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One Night in Riga

We couldn't not call it One Night in Riga even if the whole event lasted a little longer than an evening and we even spent two days just to arrive in town through trains and buses. Ford Supermodel of the World in Baltic countries was hosted by 2B Models, the agency who will take care of the girls found via the contest and we already know the level of management they can expect from the latvian boutique. Nikole Ivanova's or Laine Rogova's debuts could be pointed as good example of the great teamwork done so far by Ford and 2B. The... [Lire la suite]
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Ford Finale in the Baltics: 48 Hours and 5 Winners

Megija Twenty four hours to come and twenty four hours tomorrow to go back to full-time blogging. Fourty eight hours with a lot of action in between. Riga was supposed to be a cold place at this time of the year but we only have hot news. Ford Supermodel of World's finale for Baltic countries took place less than two days ago and the winners are just as impressive as the contest's name. Five girls were selected for the World Finale in Sao Paulo but all the contestants are actually worth a few lines. So, we're going to make it in two... [Lire la suite]
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Handsome Young Lady

Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) Fashion weeks in Paris always mean French Revue de Modes, without any intention to drop an easy pun right from the start. Fashion week is when the magazine is released and when we are in town to catch our copy, it's just a part of the whole atmosphere. Finding the right shop selling the cover we want from the dozen they usually release and sometimes the decision is tough to make - we don't have an excessive love for collections and just want to make sure we have the one we'll... [Lire la suite]
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Two girls and Two times Two letters

      Lelde Malina @ FM (London) Lelde Malina. Unique gaze, innate sweetness and much power. Got to be the one who works out that mix. You won't find many girls, in town or internationa, that can handle so many contrasts at the same time and who turns them into her very own assets. 2B Models, Lelde's mother agency in Latvia, build their reputation in the fashion world for the unique-looking girls they know how to find and after Nikole (both also with Ford NY) or the newest of the new Jolanta (featured yesterday, see... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Jolanta !

Jolanta Hlinova @ 2B Models (Latvia) Emergency this morning, between the first and second cup of coffee. 2B Models' latest latvian find has such a unique look that makes you postpone any breakfast plan. That's what we did as once we started checking out her freshly-taken snaps we couldn't take our eyes off them. There is a very singular vibe about them and, of course, about Jolanta. A mix of sweetness and strength in the most perfect proportions: a teaspoon of cuteness, a lot of freshness, a wild hairdo which seems... [Lire la suite]
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2B or not 2B ?

  Dzeina Kruze @ 2B Models (Latvia) And the answer is 2B for sure! The pun was fun and the three girl definitely are, for real. Scouted by 2B Models from Riga with the stylish help of photographer Natalie Berezina behind the camera for their first tests. It's called a good start and we'll start introducing them. One by one but in the same package. Dzeina is the first one on our list, she's 15 and from a little town in Latvia. She might not fit to a small town world with her model look and measurements: 5'10 (178 78-60-85),... [Lire la suite]
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Future in Motion

Malgozata Moksecka @ FM (London) Her mother agency in Vilnius, Metropolitan Models, introduced us to Malgozata last fall. She had a couple of polas, bad light but high potential. We trusted them and they came back with some great tests. Was the first time we featured her. Now she's making her marks in London and her home here is called FM Agency. And they are quite happy and faithful about her (and her future). She's just arrived in town and the response from clients is already as good as it should always be. Why ? Take another... [Lire la suite]
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September seems so soon

Laine Rogova @ 2B Models (Latvia) Laine belongs to our perennial favorites now and it's quite a huge thing for a girl we could still describe as a new face. She's already working for a little while yet she's still at her beginnings. Though, all we've seen of her portfolio was purely amazing. Thrilling. Soft power might be the word to describe her potential. She looks sweet, soft but can work out any mood for any kind of editorial. Latest example ? Her new spread in Dutch Glamour shot by Anna Rosa Krau. Delicate and graceful. And... [Lire la suite]
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