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High Standards

        Christina Romanova @ AL Models Not even two weeks after introducing Irina, here comes Christina Romanova, newest discovery (from Russia again) by AL Models. She just turned 16 this month, looks as fresh and youthful as possible yet quite talented for someone just beginning. From her ethereal look on her digitials to the more elaborated performance of her first test (more playful or even more ethereal, actually), there is already more to see with Christina than just an unforgettable look. If today's... [Lire la suite]
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A Short Story Gone Long

  Irina Shipunova @ AL Models Today's first story (okay, it's already late in the afternoon but some things definitely take more time than others) is dedicated to Irina Shipunova, after working on her topic for a few days already. You might think it's not that complicated to put a few pictures, a few polas and five to ten lines of text explaining why we like her and where she comes from/goes to. It doesn't take that much, indeed, if we stick to simple facts or just want to introduce the girl. A few pics, few lines and basta. If... [Lire la suite]
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Veranika @ AL Models, Ford (NY) Had to share that, needed to post it for personal and more general reasons. For everything to make sense next week and to leave with strong materials for this long weekend. We would have several possibilites, several potentially thrilling features to end the day but Maxim Repin's video featuring Veranika Antsipava in a way you've never seen her before. If the model/photographer combo seems an obvious match, the choice of Veranika for that type of atmosphere sounds like a less easy idea and you'll learn... [Lire la suite]
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Thanks again, Jules

Jules Mordovets @ IMG Lusso. Our second feature from current Flair goes to Jules Mordovets, known for her poised and precious look on the catwalks and laid-back attitude right after. Also for that steady career, only built on rock-solid booking from Chanel runways to editorials like this one, shot by Benjamin Lennox. The first detail that caught our eyes might not exactly be a detail and could turn into her signature for the rest of her career. Think about verasitily, see the way she morphed into a totally... [Lire la suite]
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      Kati @ AL Models It's not always about promoting models, not always showcasing for the sake of the introduction in itself. Some of our choices are simply inspirations. Looks that build our vision, looks that makes the modeling world move forward. Little steps in a career that sometimes turn into bigger steps for the next generation's aesthetic. Sometimes we're just moved by that simple statement: here is a face we like. We are always thrilled by any new girl arriving at AL Models, without exception. Always... [Lire la suite]
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Anabela @ AL Models, IMG It's time to say she's more than a teenie-queenie now. Her editorial power has grown slowly yet the best way possible, adding each time a serious extra to her book. From the desinterested look in Vogue Nippon to the snobbish vibe of her looks in Harper's Bazaar, she's been playing with all the different sides of her potential (and what to think about her own V#53 performance ?). While some models can stick brilliantly to a definite role, some others are just excellent when it comes to show their... [Lire la suite]
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You might have noticed this girl...

   Alex @ Image (Tokyo) Of course, Alex. Alex from AL Models, Alex who caught every eye and made everyone crazy before even appearing in any agency in the "major" fashion cities. Now signed with Image in Tokyo (just imagine the dream they have now, Alex + Kelli Lumi !) and ready to show more of an already stunning book, the girl "who looks like a painting" is writing her own story step by step. A mysterious story for the most mysterious model today.
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Today's Scoop : meet Alex !

Alex was the next sensation at AL Models after Asia's arrival at the very beginning of 2008. She's already shot a story with Maxim Repin and we were eagerly waiting for some news from AL. Finally the scoop came from Scoop Models in Denmark where she's also signed (thanks our dear friend for the tip !) and has filled her book there with fantastic polaroids. Mesmerizing. Haunting. She might write her own chapter in this new model story which has begun earlier this year with names like Barbora Dvorakova and Morgane Edwards.... [Lire la suite]
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