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Alana Kuznetsova @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Milan), Women (Paris) Funny how history stutters sometimes, even without proper reasons. A few seasons ago, Alana was among our first features during the shows and we must admit it was mostly because we love her look. This time, we won't do any mystery on what push us to post a few more digitals of Ms. Kuznetsova: the pure pleasure to write a piece on a girl we consider as quite talented. Her very own strength in print work had opportunities to express on various editions of Vogue... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 1: Alana

  Alana Kuznetsova @ IMG (NY) We told you we might start with NY reviews soon. We should have said we will. Here we go. With Alana, the first one who really capture our attention during the current fashion week. She didn't walk Marc Jacobs yesterday, she's not the new face of the season. Things actually started for her one year ago or so. When she booked an exclusive walk for Prada s/s 08. Was a huge "Prada crop" that season, with tons of exclusive new girls. Some expected and some less. Some that survived the hype, some... [Lire la suite]