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TMSRRE part 0: Wanted Women

      Viktoriya Sasonkina opens the ball for our second season of TMSRRE (The Most Subjective Runway Review Ever) as the symbol of these selections, having a predilection for New York runways. Fingers crossed as we want her to bite in the Big Apple again,  tomorrow is going to be the serious start of everything and we're watching the schedule with a neon-yellow pen in our hand. We are ready.Next one is Mina Cvetkovic, a former (and future?) post-TMSRRE-girl and Viktoriya's campaign mate. We've been... [Lire la suite]

You might have noticed this girl...

   Alex @ Image (Tokyo) Of course, Alex. Alex from AL Models, Alex who caught every eye and made everyone crazy before even appearing in any agency in the "major" fashion cities. Now signed with Image in Tokyo (just imagine the dream they have now, Alex + Kelli Lumi !) and ready to show more of an already stunning book, the girl "who looks like a painting" is writing her own story step by step. A mysterious story for the most mysterious model today.
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Today's Scoop : meet Alex !

Alex was the next sensation at AL Models after Asia's arrival at the very beginning of 2008. She's already shot a story with Maxim Repin and we were eagerly waiting for some news from AL. Finally the scoop came from Scoop Models in Denmark where she's also signed (thanks our dear friend for the tip !) and has filled her book there with fantastic polaroids. Mesmerizing. Haunting. She might write her own chapter in this new model story which has begun earlier this year with names like Barbora Dvorakova and Morgane Edwards.... [Lire la suite]
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