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Face (of) the Future

Alexandrina Turcan @ Mandarina (Romania), Major (NY), Major (Paris) Had to wait a while, seemed we wait for ages but her we go now. Wait until Major NY finally releases its newest show package and until the magazine pops up. Wait, wait, wait but in the end it was really worth to wait. First of all, the February issue of 160g Magazine is quite awesome (also check the story featuring Lucia Tresova) and Billy Kidd did an amazing job for this Bionic theme. Colors and shadows perfectly match and Alexandrina's portfolio reached quite a... [Lire la suite]
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Mandarinamania goes Major

    Alexandrina Turcan @ Major (NY) Everybody loves her, almost absolutely everybody (nice odd way to put it, right?) and the season hasn't even begun. Just about to start but some names are on every lips, some faces in every mind. You might say the same for girls like Gloria Loitz at One or R'el Dade at Marilyn who are both gathering a lot of the current attention. Add a couple of brand new stunners from IMG, Supreme and other powerhouses and you've got a nice potential line-up already. And besides all these magical ones... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Alexandrina

        Alexandrina Turcan @ Mandarina (Romania) Alexandrina was in the last package we received from her mother agency, Mandarina Models in Romania, shot by New York-based photographer Jordan Doner. This time it's all about her newest tests by another photographer from NY (and another huge favorite of ours) Jonathan Leder. This time Alexandrina is actually in NY where she's represented by Major Models. Our first impressions on her new tests are quite huge, seeing how she uses her quiet beauty in front of the... [Lire la suite]
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The Mandarinas by Jordan Doner

      Alexandrina @ Mandarina (Romania)     Anastasia @ Mandarina (Romania)     Eliza @ Mandarina (Romania)     Oana @ Mandarina (Romania)     Olga @ Mandarina (Romania)     Raisa @ Mandarina (Romania) Alexandrina was already featured a while ago, Olga has quickly reached a perennial favorite-status here, Raisa and Eliza were in our agency round-up of last week and the last two, Oana and Anastasia have their moment of spotlights for the first time on our page.... [Lire la suite]
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She too can bite her tee

Alexandrina Turcan @ Mandarina Models She is a bit everywhere today and it might be significant. We knew since last month that she signed with Beatrice in Milan where she already worked on her book. The idea to put her here and now came while working on Myf's update - saw the latter biting her T-shirt in the story below. Alexandrina's test might be of a totally different kind, we thought it was a funny and interesting way to introduce her. Stylings and atmospheres are like day and night from one series to the other, the... [Lire la suite]
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