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Alexina, Also Known As...

Alexina Graham @ Ford (NY) We were just talking about Teen Vogue and its place in the process, its unique role for great girls in making. If nothing is never granted, taking as many guarantees as possible makes a career a bit safer. And spicier. Fashion is all about oxymorons, modeling is an oxymoron per se and we're getting oxymoronic this evening. Back to the topic and back on tracks, we'll focus on Alexina Graham now. Sharing the spotlights with another favorite of ours, Jeneil Williams from New York Models and DNA's rising... [Lire la suite]
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Elite Citizens

Alexina Graham, Anastasija Kondratjeva, Michaela Hlavackova and Suzie Bird @ Elite (Paris) Let's say it how we think it: we love these series in Citizen K. In each issue a bunch of girls are modelling one theme in the main editorial. Theme of the season, vision of the season, vision of the creatives working for the magazine or the photographer (here Sol Sanchez). The models are all from one agency in Paris and we already saw the girls from Major or Nathalie. This time, they are from Elite: four ones, four different profiles,... [Lire la suite]