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    Alina Jukova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Who said that image and money are two different things ? Well, they are but are that far away from each other ? We guess not and Alina Jukova gave us another clue. Surely, her latest tests from Tokyo are the kind of pieces that keep building the myth of the sleek, (mini) high-fashion model. There might be a commercial edge to the two pieces above yet it's far from being their most striking part. Though, seen as a whole, Alina's young career might be one of the best recent example... [Lire la suite]
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Waking Up in a New Dimension

Alina Jukova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Remember Alina ? The girl scouted by Image Discovery in Ukraine with these beautiful and delicate features ? If yes, we've got some news for you. If no, it's never too late to meet her now. First is discovery then development and this is what it's all about for Alina now, currently under development at Women Direct in Milan, proving again she literally shines in front of the camera. And, as we're going further in the exploration of her potential, we're also aware now of how expressive... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Alina !

      Alina Jukova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Once the cruel dilemma of her height was over, we were full force behind Alina. She's only 5'7 (171 exactly and 80-64-90) and 16-years-old but her face was too unique not feature her. Heartbreaking. After all, one picture is worth thousand words if not a million and Alina is one in a million. Perfect skin and intense, expressive blue gaze were enough to balance the few centimeters still lacking but if you need a couple more reasons we could say the incredible shape of... [Lire la suite]
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