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  Alina @ Slides (Paris) Here we go. Paris tomorrow and time for a little flashback before living in the present full-time for a few days. Slides girls as we said, all shoot during Haute Couture week in Paris last July while the models were waiting to get ready for Julien Fournié's first show. A whole bunch of beauties from the ones you already know to the faces of tomorrow - meet the new look of Slides. First one in alphabetic order, first one in success as well as Alina Zaharia started her career on the right slope walking... [Lire la suite]
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Musing and amusing

Alina Zaharia @ Women (Milan), Muse (NY) Closing D&G last february then appearing on the very picky italian mag Amica's pages three months in a row and just signed with Muse in NY now, Alina Zaharia's rise was both unexpected and unusual. Following in Olga Sherer and Tanya Chubko's footsteps as the red-haired muse of Amica, fitting the atmosphere at D&G yet bringing such a special twist where it's always needed (same shock when they had Anna Kuchkina with bleached brows - in leopard prints, please). Italia's most eccentric... [Lire la suite]
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