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High Fly, Touch The Sky

Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania), Premier (London) Welcome to Premier says the Union Jack on the agency's homepage. You got the right message and just can't wait to click on it. The mood is set and the atmosphere takes you straight ahead to the other side of the Channel. A short, instant imaginary trip that you want to turn into reality in a glimpse and you remember nothing is ever impossible. Absolutely nothing and that's what keeps you going on, keeps you awake late at night and kicks you out of bed early in the morning. Ana... [Lire la suite]
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Perspective. Period.

    Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania), Next, Premier (London) Oh, we walk till dawn, from dusk till dawn. Without losing what we had in sight and without losing ourselves. Or just a little bit. The tiny little bit you need to keep it tuned with your current mood. We're losing grip sometimes but to get back on it as fast as one can. Ana Gilca didn't lose herself in Paris (nor she did in other cities she walked in) and gathered a lovely first season from London to the City of Lights. From all runway shots and editorials bits... [Lire la suite]
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Introducing Ana (Extended Mix)

  Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania) It usually takes us a few days after fashion week to get fully aware of its effects. What new ideas it brought, what has to be adjusted in our vision and our ways to process things. Every season comes with a different palette of feelings and sets new standards, not especially talking about aesthetic ones but standards in general. Where we have to put more emphasis, what should get more focus and what should get a little less. Perception of beauty evolves all the time even if some key ingredients... [Lire la suite]
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