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Gaspard Yurkievich quickly became a regular name on our Paris to-do-list and it's not without any good reason behind. Skipping a meeting for the sake of a casting reminds us our core business includes much more than making then strenghtening connections, like going where things happen and try to find out why. What happened at Yurkievich this season is not very different from previous seasons but that's actually the point, this runway keeps playing its role of highlighting potential major future forces in fashion modeling. Besides... [Lire la suite]

This is how we keep our faith alive

Anastasia Kuznetsova @ Next (Paris, NY, Milan, London) End of July, talking about new faces. Preparing the season, making a quick virtual tour of all the newbies, worldwide. Seeing who bets on what kind of look, who promotes which kind of aesthetic and last but not least who we would like to see on the runways soon. When it came to Next, Anastasia Kuznestova was an easy choice for us as we fell in love with her look as soon as she signed and we were just waiting for the day she starts getting more attention. This... [Lire la suite]
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In the Mood for Anastasia, not for Dilemmas

Anastasia Kuznetsova @ Next The last weeks before the shows and their usual dilemmas. Who to feature now and who we should rather treasure for a runway review, tough questions from 8am to midnight and a lot of excitement. Last girl we had troubles to make up our minds about the right timing to show her is Anastasia Kuznetsova from Next NY. It's just like her hair color, completely amazing yet leaving you so uncertain. Could you tell us if it's venetian blond, light brown with copper shades or dark red ? We don't think there is only... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Anastasia !

Anastasia Kuznetsova @ Next (NY) Another red alert and the red fever is rising again. Next step on the red thread: Anastasia, one of the recent stunner at Next. We had the chance to meet her in Paris, lovely walk and very delicate shade of red. Brownish red, subtle touch. We thought it was big time to make another entry on her as she's featured in "Nouvelle Vague" in this month's L'Officiel Paris. The graceful girl from the catwalks also knows how to pose.
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Who's next at Next ?

 Alek  Hanna  Kasia  Pinkie    Anastasia Let's say this is the next round of our wish-list for NY shows to come. Again, we still don't have any info regarding Next package and their website is still under construction. But we've selected some promising faces all over the last months. We've already introduced girls like Arizona, Marta, Alisa or our flame-haired beauty Anna Arendshorst, we'll take a closer look to the other ones we love right now. First there is Alek, huge favorite since last... [Lire la suite]
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