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Melinda Szepesi @ Premier (London), Ice (Milan) Gaslight nights, randomly dressed and surviving with pizzas, beers and whatever sweet stuff, loud live music all evening long, twisted mornings  looking for parts of ourselves we might have forgotten next to some pieces of art in the other room. Was our life these last few days, was our daily nightlife (!) next to administrative duties lasting till dusk. New week, cold Monday, sound went away for a while and things are supposed to be back to normal. Supposedly, because nothing... [Lire la suite]
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Cool as Ice

Melinda @ Ice² (Milan) Sure she loves blinking at the camera, in a quirky lovely way that highlights her face shape and lucky gap between her front teeth. Here you, Melinda in a few words. So, isn't there another little blurb to write on Ice's magyar beauty ? Lots of more if you ask. First of all, she was in that gorgeous translucent cube sent to casting directors by her agency in Milan. Makes an interesting intro, right ? Then... then we had to wait until Paris to watch her first major move on a coveted catwalk. Ann Demeulemeester... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Carolin !

  Carolin @ Nine Daughters and a Stereo (Germany) First new face to begin the week is a very special one. Found by Nine Daughters an and Stereo, an agency with an extremely strong aesthetic and efficient scouting - check their website and you'll immediately understand the special one comes from a special agency. Carolin is from Cologne in Germany, she's 17 and scores at 5'11 (180 81-61-90) which should already be enough to make her special. But where she did her first steps on a runway makes even more unique. Direct booking... [Lire la suite]
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Jamie Bochert @ Women (NY), Elite (Paris) Usually, we have to tidy up the pictures to make the post look great. This time it wasn't even necessary, here they are how they are, right from the scanner. Blind uploading. There is something genius about this story as we already wrote in another review for Lexposure. Same might fit for the whole issue of Numéro. Quite a brilliant surprise, delicately packed. The cover plus the contents managed to make us happy without any new faces inside or outside. Among the... [Lire la suite]
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