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Our Paris Way of Life: Daydreaming vs. Realpolitik

Olga Cerpita @ Studio (Paris), not in the review but expecting to see her again in town after a nice season in London with Profile. And Studio girls definitely belongs to our favorite Paris perks... As usual Paris packages offer a wide range of high level models, including many newcomers you are tempted to watch closely during one week running from one show to another. Hide and seek backstage, good surprises and big disappointments. Though, our approach of that new season in Paris seems a little bit different and our state of... [Lire la suite]

Mandarinaction: Anna Gorcea, Part Three

          Anna Gorcea @ Mandarina (Romania) The atmosphere is warm and cold at the same time, just like the weather today. Not that unusual but a wind of change is blowing in background. Anna Gorcea in our Mandarinaction story, part three. By Robert Petreanu, as always. First batch of pictures was intriguing, second was inspiring, third is... experimental. If it's a kind of visual experimentation (especially for test shots), after thinking twice we remembered it just belongs the essence of modeling. Models... [Lire la suite]
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Mandarinaction: Anna Gorcea, Part Two

    Anna Gorcea @ Mandarina (Romania) After launching the intro yesterday evening, it was time to dive into the real topic. Anna Gorcea (by Robert Petreanu). Well, you already know. What you might not, is how this potential translates once it goes closer to the camera. And how she handles sleek, quiet expressions then extreme expressions, making faces with those huge retro glasses (we said "diving into the topic" and couldn't describe it better). Ready to explore Anna's world through Robert's lens, via 10... [Lire la suite]
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Mandarinaction: Anna Gorcea, Part One

Anna Gorcea @ Mandarina (Romania) We've been a bit slow, a bit silent these days but don't worry, it only means we are cooking something special in the shadows. The office became a bunker and we've got no more time to sleep. Back into the light, Mandarina is getting quite fast these days. Development was already one of the agency's best strength, these last weeks saw its rise to another level. Image pushed at its max (for now) and creativity enhanced by new talents from the heart of Romania. Photographer Robert Petreanu hit the... [Lire la suite]
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Arty Party at Mandarina Models

    Xenia @ Mandarina Models (Romania) The Mandarinas are back and we're going to feature two ones this morning. They are not only two of the most striking new girls we've seen lately, they are not only amazing classic beauties with a unique edge, they are also both inspired art students and we've been lucky to see a few of their art works yesterday. Amazing when you can write something else about some newcomers, when you can explore new ways. Let's start with Xenia, sixteen and 5'9 (176 82-59-85), brand new and who... [Lire la suite]
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