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Her Stare Is Louder Than Your Voice

      Michelle Den Hollander @ SPS (The Netherlands), Supreme (NY) If you take the time to listen to our rhyme, you would be aware of Michelle's magical stare. Something you can't miss, can't overlook even if you glimpse at the pictures for a few seconds only. Michelle never gets rid of it and that's for the very best but this time Anouk Morgan managed to bring this extraordinary feature to another level. We don't even think it was meant to be this way, it's just the natural result of a great collaboration, of a model... [Lire la suite]
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Skinny Internship

Quotes of the day: "I am still an indie at heart" and "old is the new new". Could be both mixed together but haven't found the recipe to make one sentence out of these two. Anyway, it's not that important and we'd rather go for more visual and virtual delights than some random thoughts. The latest piece we'd love to share was shot by photographer Julius Gregorio who teamed up with Kristin Ondocsin from Skinny Intern and model Gabriele Dargyte (PMST - Elite NY - Premier London). It's quite a double... [Lire la suite]

FDIB loves and bookmarks: Anouk Morgan for OZON Magazine

Ozon did it again, Anouk did it again and we couldn't not do a feature on that fabulous collaboration. Two creative visions totally matching, mixing and melting into one visual thrill. If we needed a kick to start on a Saturday morning, we definitely got it. The contrast between the neat aesthetic of the story and the spooky mood of the models creates a strange, delightful atmosphere that makes us forget FDIB became our daily work and brings back the free-wheel excitement of the early beginnings. Even if it hasn't disappeared... [Lire la suite]

Unstoppable Child

        Fleur D'Hondt @ SPS (The Netherlands) You gotta stop that child says the title but we bet you won't do it. Too hard to stop when Fleur suddenly spread her wings in front of Anouk Morgan's camera and goes fully expressive from every angle. No matter how you feel when you see that story from Mirage magazine -- surprised ? amazed ? astonished ? -- there are certainly sides of her you never saw before even if you got a hint seeing her previous work with Anouk. Subtle faces and gazes going from innocent to... [Lire la suite]
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Simply Different, No Added Promise

    Svea Kloosterhof @ CODE Management (The Netherlands) Take an inspiring face and send it to an inspired photographer. See what you get, make the mix and let the music play. Svea looks like a dancing queen or a conductor, depends on which picture you're looking at. The only thing who never changes from one shot to the other is the high emotions she brings. Limitless love to the camera is obvious on any of the black and white pieces by Jonathan Waiter and even more obvious on this VIDEO of Svea shooting with Anouk... [Lire la suite]
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