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              Antonella Graef @ Supreme (NY) Let's talk about love. Love, love, love. All we're dreaming of. We're not going to tell you about blue ballons and midnight moons but a little story about twisted toons. Even if there is a bit of moonlight in the story too, pale dolls popping up at Givenchy, like out of the night in their dark outfits. We were lucky enough to catch up with Stasya and Ranya right after the show but Antonella was missing. A teaspoon of sadness on a glorious day, maybe.... [Lire la suite]
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Weirdly Sensual, part 1: the Ingredients and the Image

       Isa & Emma Karlsson, Antonella Graef, Isa & Loulou Kamp, Kersti Pohlak, Kinga Lukthanks to OlgaKorbut (1st row), Kokobombon (2nd and 3rd row) and OhJane (4th and 5th row) for the pictures What if the border between weird and sensual was smaller than ever ? If both were closer than we would ever imagine and would get on well brilliantly ? What if the next generation of models, or simply an upcoming team of fresh faces were both very weird with an unexpected sensuality ? Weirdly sensual... [Lire la suite]
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