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TMSRRE part 15: Alisa

  Alisa @ Ice (Milan) There is another Alisa in Milan and you'd better not overlook this one. Alisa at Ice, cool as can be (and awesome on Matteo Montanari's shot above) and if the blond one she shares her name with walked Prada, she's got a lot to tell as well after two days of shows only. Count some of the very best on her booking-list. First one is Antonio Marras. Our favorite and, as we might have said thousand times these days, one of most interesting castings worldwide - all cities included. Extended and extremely... [Lire la suite]
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Some McCann moments

  Laragh McCann @ Women (NY) A bit more than one month ago, just a few days before NY fashion week we thought about an article on Laragh McCann. It turned into a longer post than expected and was finally called Twiglight raspberries and misty mélopées for various random reason. Build with polas and a part of her showcard where she was pictured with that lovely newsboy-cap, the detail that intrigued us and led to such a huge article was her incredible ability to embody various characters for the need of very different runway... [Lire la suite]

Spotlights vs. Delights

 Prada f/w 08-09 The most awaited casting, of Milan at least, is not a secret any longer. Prada f/w 08-09 took place yesterday and in the evening everybody was already talking about who was there and who wasn't. And who should have been there as well as who shouldn't. The "who?" has been quickly replaced by the "why?". So, in the "who?" we have to mention names like Eden Clark, Jourdan Dunn, Georgina Stojilkovic and, of course, Natalia Chabanenko. In the "why?" let's say the first names... [Lire la suite]