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Don't need icecubes

      Anu Koski @ FM (London) Twice this year already and thrice in a lifetime. Anu seems on her way to be regularly featured here and truth might be that being signed with FM London seriously helps. We're not biased, just pretty much into the agency's aesthetic and efficiency. Three polas above to judge and all three going straight to the point: Anu's best asset might be her ability to fit various different molds. Her mother agent (Brand in Helsinki) was probably the first to be aware of her chameleon talents and... [Lire la suite]
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A Brand New Anu

   Anu Koski @ Brand (Finland) A new book for a new look is usually a decent and honest recipe to push a career a little further. But a new book with several new looks goes definitely far beyond the regular expectations of a few months of development. Or is it time to set new standards ? At least, that's the way Brand Model Management sees their business and we can agree on this point. More materials of a higher quality and broader diversity. Anu was sent in Seoul to build her book and improve her modeling skills. She... [Lire la suite]
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A new Anu

Anu @ Brand (Finland) A litte update under the sun of Far East, all about Anu's new pictures from Singapore (she's with Upfront Models) shot by Ingrid Sjodahl and Scott Richardson, styled by Adriel Chiun with hair and make-up by Hannah Oh. Seems the sun is treating her well and bring a brand new vibe to her portfolio which evolves and improves. Last time we featured Anu, things were all about a 5'9 fresh face from Finland with her very Finnish, very Brand polaroids. Loads of potential that made us eager for more. Here is more... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Anu !

        Anu  @ Brand (Finland) With the little help of one more cup of coffee, it became slightly more possible to think about writing it all before the night falls down again. Just one more. Not two. After five cups the world seems too slow as your mind is going too fast. Though, we're wondering what is really going too fast right now. Time. Most likely. Pushing us hard to look ahead, think ahead of it - time, keep an eye on who's next. Who, and when. If not now, tomorrow is always sooner as expected. We... [Lire la suite]
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