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Survival Kid

  Semia @ Aquarelle (Russia) Was a kind of crazy day, hectic all the way and bringing new surprises every two or three hours. Quite like it but wish we had more time left to drop some longer updates on FDIB. Well, major short story tonight is dedicated to Semia, tiny cutie from Aquarelle Models in Moscow. Not more than 5'8 high but full of good energy when it comes to expressing herself on pictures. Obvious talents for modeling, combined to peculiar features that could barely be overlooked by anyone seeking unusual... [Lire la suite]
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Oxford Circus, Moscow

              Nathalie @ Aquarelle (Russia) Had no clue Oxford Circus was now in Moscow. Quite kidding but quite serious as well. Creativity finally hit the Russian capital and seems to grow and grow again out there. Same in a couple more east-european countries, talented young photographers start to emerge and help local agencies build powerful portfolios before sending their young ladies abroad. Latest one we had the opportunity to discovered is called Roma Milova who works in Moscow and did a... [Lire la suite]
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Iggy popped up

            Iggy @ Aquarelle (Russia) You can call your agency Aquarelle Models and make bold statements like signing a girl with extreme features. You can be a girl in pastel colors (that blond hair, pale skin, blue eyes) and go for a daring nickname. You can make cuteness so rock'n'roll with a little bit of imagination and a good sense of image. New agency from Moscow, sleek aesthetic all over the website using watercolors as main theme and trademark, Aquarelle mostly impressed us for the high-quality... [Lire la suite]
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