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Playgoats, they don't milk this way

We know, we know, we know, we know. Our ears aren't blind if ears can have an eye for a single minute. All voices yelling, all the stories the tories are telling, all the guts on the ground and the loud whispers of those who didn't want to go here, the here, the unknown here, the elsewhere. All the blind clothes walking like ghosts to an unknown heaven, to a destiny we've been kicked out from. A lovely world where all smiles are great, where all grins are granted. Then we came, dirty, filthy as the door of hell itself, ashamed... [Lire la suite]
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Veni Vidi Vici

Tune your eyes and ears for one of the last times as we did while working on this piece. Who are the "faces of five years of FDIB" was the main question behind our idea to (re-)feature a final time these models who regularly appeared on this page from their first steps in this business till end of our project. We don't pretend we took part in anything in their careers but were our wildcards from the starts, models we were probably among the only ones (besides their agents of course) to believe in their future and who proved us the... [Lire la suite]

The Hidden Face Of The Moon

    Arizona Muse @ Next   May you get her look or not, may you read our previous post on her or just looked at the pictures, it doesn’t make much difference in the end : Arizona Muse’s moment is now and it’s pretty rare to see a model getting such exposure from so many publications with different aesthetics and targets. From Vogue US to Vogue Italia to Vogue Paris and so on, you know the story already. And add on top of this list a whole issue of Dazed and Confused dedicated to her with four covers including two we... [Lire la suite]
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Wow Factor

She just did her first season last year and already managed to extend her appeal from Vogue Paris to US Vogue via Vogue Italia , Vogue UK and Dazed & Confused. And yet another issue of Vogue Italia. A phenomenal editorial work in the shortest amount of time. May sound too phenomal to be true, or rather questionable yet the answer might as well be obvious if you consider the undeniable aura of maturity and grace she projects at a time when  the reign of disposable new girls is being pointed out as something that strongly... [Lire la suite]
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Taking Off

  Arizona Muse @ Next It always seems some people and (even more) some medias are exaggerating new models' prowesses and achievements. It's nice to hear or read but doesn't always make sense and we would rather think of it than shout it loud everywhere we can. Hide the best things to let them blossom at the right moment. That's actually what has been Arizona's story until she finally hit the first part of her spotlights last season. When from anonymous model at Next she jumped off to the status of most promising one from... [Lire la suite]
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A Wind of Change

Arizona Muse @ Next Was like two years ago... wait, was exactly two years ago. When we first noticed Arizona Muse, as new face from Next NY. Blonde with brows, right at the tiny border between high fashion and high end commercial. Tiny that didn't look that tiny back then but got thinner and thinner since. It might be one of the reasons behind Arizona's recent breakthrough (think Prada and Yves Saint Laurent campaigns plus Vogue Italia's most recent cover). Might be but not only, we firmly believe the model herself stands behind that... [Lire la suite]
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