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Hello Nelly

        Nelly @ Art-Podium (Ukraine) Taking a (short) break from shows and editorials to... take our time to drop a few words on Nelly from Art-Podium in Odessa, Ukraine. Redhead love going on, after all. Bright red, today. Our attention got caught by her bold hair color and daring hairdo, something we haven't seen often lately except maybe for Janete Friedrich and who reminds us of the glorious days of Tanya Chubko's copper bob in NYC or Andressa Fontana's major makeover in bright orange. That was a few... [Lire la suite]
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Black Sea, Red Hair

          Nataliya Kom @ Art Podium (Ukraine) Auburn hair and the freshness of slightly awkward poses were two good reasons to fall for Nataliya Kom, 15-years-old from Art Podium in Odessa, starting her career at 5'9 (175 86-60-90). Distant gaze from warm brown eyes is certainly unsuual enough to be noticed too while her swan-like neck adds a little more grace to the delicate teenager. The way might still be long for her, it's not a reason not to keep an eye on her from now on.
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Meet Alisa !

Alisa @ Art-Podium (Ukraine) Blond, truly blond and beyond blond. That's how we could describe Alisa's hair, with or without bangs. With that little smile that belongs to her and nobody else, she's got an extra touch of charm that will probably make her more remarkable next to any other blonde. Not your usual-regular-normal fair-haired girl with clear blue eyes, definitely not. Alisa plays with the same ingredients but clearly doesn't mix them the same old way. The remixed blonde blew us away at first sight and we seriously... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Viktoriya !

She's not exactly new, she's not exactly famous. A bit of both, after all. She's Viktoriya. Or Vika. Whatever her name really is, she's unforgettable. Viktoriya Sasonkina is currently building an amazing career from Art-Podium in Odessa (Ukraine) to Major Paris. She appeared in many s/s 08 shows including Gianfranco Ferre in Milan. Three times in L'Officiel Paris and also a favorite of Glamour Italia and Harper's Bazaar UK, she's now - fresh news - in the second issue of Please magazine (more pictures to come soon). And if her... [Lire la suite]