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Julia Hafstrom @ IMG (NY) Saturday, editorial day. Back to redhead love. Julia Hafstrom, unusual beauty type with a slightly classic edge. Not the tallest girl around and not the endlessly leggy kind. As unconvetional as the description sounds, it has never prevent Julia from booking first-class jobs and building a highly remarkable portfolio. Her modeling story started with Prada and she kept the level at the same height with some Vogue Italia story by Steven Meisel. Easy beginnings, magical pictures. Latest piece to hit her... [Lire la suite]
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Extended Elitism Expands

Louise Maselis @ Elite (Paris) An elitist management company relying on both an extended network in Europe and the high workability of several alliances with agencies overseas ? It sounds a bit too much to hear and a slightly idyllic portrait of Elite Paris. But truth is they are impressive on very different aspects that propel them to a very special status. As a part of the Elite network they have access to the powerful scouting, the annual model contest and strong partners in Milan and London. As an efficient agency keeping... [Lire la suite]

Main Event in Coco's career

  by Arthur Elgort
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