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Neon-bright Fiction

Ataui Deng @ Trump (NY) First time we featured Ataui she was wearing a fluorescent green outfit. It was last year, when she signed with Trump in New York. Unmatched cuteness meeting uncanny intensity. It's precisely her intense side which is highlighted in her editorial from Deutsch magazine, captured by Kutlu with the stylish help of Kasia Pysiak. Her emotional side who shines like a little light in the middle of the shadows, this story being delightful darkness from page one to the end. Not the same effect as a neon-bright... [Lire la suite]
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Ataui's Neon-Apple-Green Issue

Ataui Deng @ Trump (NY) She's one of the latest eye-catcher to come on the screen these last weeks. Who hasn't noticed this graceful, delicate silhouette in that flashy neon-apple-green dress ? Our current feeling is that she shares something with our beloved Natasha (just below). They obviously don't look alike yet we can't help thinking there's something striking in the combination of an extremely cute face and a tall, leggy silhouette. Which is the most attractive fact about both. Back to Ataui and only Ataui, the graceful... [Lire la suite]
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