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Scrambling Eggs on the Titanic

Alisa Matviychuk @ Marilyn (NY) Auguste Abeliunaite @ Women (Milan) Ranya Mordanova @ Supreme (NY) Alina Ismailova @ DNA (NY) Taylor Kraemer @ Marilyn (NY) Rose Cordero @ Supreme (NY) Stephanie Rad @ Storm (London) Bregje Heinen @ Women Direct (NY) Julia Hafstrom @ IMG (NY) Hannah Holman @ Elite (NY) New issue of 10 Magazine is out and we must say it's a must-buy. Even the absolute must-buy of this fall so far. One of the incredible features you'll find in it is very simple yet hits its target in one look. 10 faces you... [Lire la suite]

Auguste in July

Auguste Abeliunaite @ Women (Milan) Last but not least. Eyes are starting to itch and time is running against us. But, somehow, we couldn't leave (and live) without a last piece on Auguste to kiss you goodnight. There is always so much to say about her but Karel Losenicky's new pictures are telling more than hundreds of words. Sleekness and depth hand in hand, a fragile intensity and an instinctive presence in front of the camera. The highest potentials are always innate. Brought to the fashion world by Vacatio Models and... [Lire la suite]
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On the top of the page, the top of the list: Auguste-mix

Auguste Tomasuite @ Women We're not sure about the number of updates we still can post before catching the train tomorrow but Auguste had to be among them. For sure. We've noticed her when she arrived in Tokyo - with Donna Models and immediately put her on the top of our list. Just two polas were enough. Eye-catching. No need to see more at that time even if the "more" was eye-catching too. Every single piece was despite a very light portfolio so far. When additional info says she's 5'10, doubts disappear as quickly as... [Lire la suite]
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