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Sullen Sky

      Avalon @ Ragazza Model Management (The Netherlands) It's almost Summer, right ? Not when you look outside, at least but tomorrow is June already and it should mean Summer soon. It should, things never go the way they should and that's maybe better so. Nothing in the world will ever replace the feeling of waking up in Riga in November when you just open the window... in France in May. Don't need to travel anymore. New pictures of Avalon are in a summery mood when you look at them first but turns out to be on a... [Lire la suite]
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Modern Mythology

      Avalon @ Ragazza Model Management (The Netherlands) She looks sweet as silk and as sleek as soft but the latest pictures we got of her told us she also rocks and rolls. With a name like Avalon, it's not hard to make her a little piece in your memory. With a face like hers, it becomes even much easier and with what we know now of her modeling skills... the lovely ragazza is seeing her status rising. If you were waiting for a brand new version of the beloved "classic with a twist", Avalon is your girl.... [Lire la suite]
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