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Inspiration squared

Inna Smolina @ Avant Models (Russia) Irina Denisova @ Avant Models (Russia) We just couldn't decide who of Inna or Irina will be the one to be featured here and now. Was too hard to pick the right one for the right moment. By the way, can we really talk about a right moment in their case ? Rather about some kind of aesthetic at Avant Models that keeps strengthening day after day. Shooting after shooting and with each of their new models. There's no too obviously classic beauty, no ready-made beauty concept and no cliché in the... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Balakina !

Balakina @ Avant Models (Russia) She's the most impressive face we've seen these last weeks and one of the most eye-catching ever. We're not kidding. If it's quite easy to find interesting girls every single day, it's much harder to see one that really outshines the others that way. One that makes you change your schedule, we had to skip any other new face to feature her now. Express. Fasten your seatbelt, she's really sensational. And with a name like Balakina, it sounds nothing can stop her. Hailing from Chelyabinsk in Russia,... [Lire la suite]
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I wish I were a lollipop

Masha Kirsanova @ Avant (Russia), Viva (Paris), Why Not (Milan) From the underground station to the glossy pages of Flair Italia. Masha Kirsanova was on our wish-list before leaving for Paris in february. We had the feeling she could be among the newcomers who count this season. A flickering of her eyes actually changed our feeling, under the bright white lights in the parisian métro. She's not one of them, she's one of a kind. The kind that knows how sweet and acid go on well together. The kind that knows both are requested to make... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Masha !

Masha Kirsanova @ Viva Paris Meet the next ones ! Beginnig with Masha Kirsanova, scouted by Avant Models (Moscow) and freshly arrived at Viva Paris. We love her attitude in front of a camera. Much drama in the way she poses, something deep and serious in her expression. Just right to balance a very fresh look. We love the promising test shots from Paris but those cute polaroids with that light-grey dress are a real inspiration. Hope to see her walking. Next week will tell !
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