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Open your eyes

Balakina by Eugene Klement Balakina by Sasha Korostelyeva Balakina @ Avant Models (Russia) Finally you can open your eyes again. Balakina is back, with a complete book this time. Totally living up to the expectations we had seeing her polaroids last week. Just fresh, just shot last weekend, Balakina was certainly lucky to experiment two different styles and to extend the panel of her possibilities so quickly, relying on both her incredible face and features and her ability to move in front of the camera. From Eugene... [Lire la suite]
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Close your eyes...

Balakina @ Avant Models (Russia) ...and stay tuned ! After introducing her last week, it's now time to release Balakina's first tests in Moscow. And let's start it with the most unusual picture, eyes closed. Just as we stated it this afternoon, tests are made to reveal the potential. All the potential and probably also the potentials. Eyes are such a highlight. Eyes closed are a must see.  Even if we think you'll like the moment she'll open them. To come soon. Stay tuned... and close your eyes !
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Meet Balakina !

Balakina @ Avant Models (Russia) She's the most impressive face we've seen these last weeks and one of the most eye-catching ever. We're not kidding. If it's quite easy to find interesting girls every single day, it's much harder to see one that really outshines the others that way. One that makes you change your schedule, we had to skip any other new face to feature her now. Express. Fasten your seatbelt, she's really sensational. And with a name like Balakina, it sounds nothing can stop her. Hailing from Chelyabinsk in Russia,... [Lire la suite]
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