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Lucky steps

        Julija Steponaviciute @ Baltic (Lithuania), IMG (Paris, NY), Elite (Milan) Long time we wanted to write a short story, a quick report on Julija. Inspiration was there, facts were obvious, pictures were gorgeous... so why did we hold this piece off until tonight. No clue. Maybe just a feeling, striving for the best moment after the season rush, after the hype calmed down as there isn't any touch of hype in these lines. Timeless models (in making) need more that just a few lines when the news are hot. Such... [Lire la suite]
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Baltic Beauties, Beauties from Baltic

    Diana Balaisyte @ Baltic (Lithuania) Models from Baltic countries are everywhere today. This morning mostly from Latvia and we're starting the afternoon with some of the most stunning Lithuanian girls of the moment. Both are doing their first steps on the international scene, both are strikingly full of potential, each is unique in her own unique way. First one is called Diana and made her marks in Milan already, with Elite. She can rely on the shape of her eyes to capture some attention, on her silhouette as well and... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Patricija !

Patricija Zil @ Baltic Model Management We've been following her first steps at Baltic Models these days and we're glad to introduce her now that her porftolio is more complete, filled with magistral test shots. Obvious potential alert right from Dovile Virsilaite's mother agency. Just wondering who will be the first agency in NY, Paris, Milan or London to notice her...
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