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The Point of No Return

  Dovile Virsilaite @ IMG (Milan) Raindrops and snowflakes fighting the blue boots to hit the feet. But they won't make it. Some trends are lasting against time and elements, some faces are made to embody those eternal trends. Hidden in the darkness of the second level of fashion photography, showing up as unforgettable lightnings is the everlasting night of December. We've been running this page for around three years, we should be celebrating. We did it somehow, we ate too much. We're back with green tea and... [Lire la suite]
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Way ahead of the game

      Hind Sahli @ DNA (NY), Elite (Paris), Elite (Milan), Elite (London) It's been a little while since we introduced Hind a few months ago with a couple of polaroids and her first tests done in Paris before summer. And we've been relentlessly thinking of doing an update on her as her book started to grow, she made a stop by New York signing with DNA and finally started her career with a beautiful first season there. First class shows piled up day after day from BCBG to 3.1 Philip Lim via Philosophy, Lacoste,... [Lire la suite]
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Eight Karlssonesque Pages and the Karlssonmania goes on

  Emma Karlsson @ IMG Sounds like the Karlssonmania is going on (and wild) here. And not only on this page, magazines and photographers love her too. We already talked about Jessie Craig who considers her almost like a muse and featured her spread from NEO2. This time, it's in freshly-released September issue of Biba that you can find Emma Karlsson shot by Taka Mayumi. Some of you might think it's just Biba and not Vogue but we keep our trust in the magazine who's always ahead of the game in France for fashion stories using... [Lire la suite]
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Blessing in disguise

Elise Helene @ Viva (Paris) You never know what an event or simply a moment could bring to your life. You never expect it to be as harsh and you don't expect harshness to breed nice things. When words makes, when out of the blue truly means out of the blue. When a happy cell phone makes a happy evening. When a little drama turns out to be blessing in disguise. It's the same with editorials. You expect the best from big names, then get your lovely surprise from a pocket-size glossy. It's not the first time we're excited about... [Lire la suite]
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No smoking

Chantal Abbott @ Crystal (Paris) The next generation of red-haired models is blossoming in Paris. Elise Helene and Chantal both had a great season on catwalks, Ornella is getting some impressive feedback in editorials and Irina just appeared at Nathalie. If we already knew Elise Helene when we first saw her walking, we discovered Chantal live. At Issey Miyake and immediately wanted to know who she was. Ran all around and found her. As soon as we were back from fashion week we wrote a few lines on her. Was her set of polas and we... [Lire la suite]
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She took pictures without her dress (but with lipstick)

Yulia Leontieva @ Metropolitan (Paris), Marilyn (NY), Storm (London), Why Not (Milan) One hand typing, the other holding a glass of wine. One eye looking at the screen, one ear listening to the randomness around. Was yesterday evening's atmophere. Plus some loud sound thrown from the old radio, the fast steps in the corridor. The door. Open, closed. And open again. Talking with our friend who's currently in Berlin and enjoying some gorgeously random architecture. Doing too many things at once. Should stop for five minutes and... [Lire la suite]
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Sunday girl

Nika Lauraitis @ Elite (Paris) Went out for a walk yesterday, at the end of the afternoon. Went to the train station and thought maybe there's something new or at least something we could have overlooked at the little bookstore. Was quite surprising to see a new issue of Biba already out. It's written on it: september. Looked sweet, sounded nice. Had a look inside, just for a few seconds and saw Nika. Enough to buy it eyes-closed. After all we could try to buy every issue like that as their choices of models weren't... [Lire la suite]
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Kika Rose

Kika Rose Ridley @ Major (Paris), Models1 (London) Her name is intriguing, like a little poem. Her face is just what you could imagine from the cuteness of her name. Her work is simply incredible. After an editorial in last month's Jalouse, Kika Rose strikes back in current Biba, another french magazine giving many opportunities to new faces. And brings some poetry on the beach.
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     models: Elaine Kenny & Rebecca in Jalouse     Mirka Michlikova, Courtney Smerski & Claudia Seiler in Wonderland       Kinga Luk & Anais Pontier in Biba  Toni Garrn in Allure    George in Wonderland      Katie Braatvedt in - unreleased yet - Vogue Australia feb'08 May these pictures fit for wonderful holidays to end 2007 and may they be an inspiration for 2008. Last press news of the year include Daria... [Lire la suite]