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      Kelly Mittendorf @ Marilyn (NY) Third time this week, third topic about Kelly Mittendorf and another opportunity to show another side of her work. You already saw her in a quiet mood on her images by Nando Esparza and had a glimpse at her recent digitals where we let you imagine another part of the story was on its way. And here we go. Kelly by Billy Kidd, capturing the crazy side yet not in the way you could expect. Extreme features would certainly work well for some spooky mood but the result is surprisingly... [Lire la suite]
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On The Wings Of The Nightingale

Merethe Hopland @ Marilyn (NY) Modeling is like silent acting. Regardless if we are talking of stills or motions, it's a performance of replacing words by emotions: the translation of feelings through face's expressions and body language. We'll never repeat this enough times, we'll never get the impression of being broken records when we do so. And precious examples of it are always opportunities of writing priceless entries here. Merethe Hopland by Billy Kidd, inspiration squared. Merethe is the perfect reminder that fresh... [Lire la suite]
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Deep Love

    Svetlana Mukhina @ Elite (NY) Just featured Billy Kidd's work three days ago and back again with some new materials. And his muse of the day is no less than another FDIB-favorite, Svetlana Mukhina, Eskimo discovery signed with Elite NY (and FM London). The epitome of the expressive girl who already looked absolutely marvelous on her digitals taken during last show season in March. So, after unveiling Bo Don's unexpected sides and best-kept secrets, Billy explored the depth of Svetlana's potential. Abyssal, isn't it ?
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Bo & Billy

      Bo Don @ Marilyn (NY) Bo Don. The name is short, efficient and sounds sleek, like a perfect description of Bo's beauty in five letters. With an interesting introduction during Paris Fall 2010 fashion week, booking a few of the most coveted shows in town like Balenciaga, Chloe or Yves Saint Laurent, the latest newbie from Wilma Wakker in The Netherlands to go international started on the right foot. And early editorial signs are beyond positive as well which basically means this post shouldn't be the last time we... [Lire la suite]
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Face (of) the Future

Alexandrina Turcan @ Mandarina (Romania), Major (NY), Major (Paris) Had to wait a while, seemed we wait for ages but her we go now. Wait until Major NY finally releases its newest show package and until the magazine pops up. Wait, wait, wait but in the end it was really worth to wait. First of all, the February issue of 160g Magazine is quite awesome (also check the story featuring Lucia Tresova) and Billy Kidd did an amazing job for this Bionic theme. Colors and shadows perfectly match and Alexandrina's portfolio reached quite a... [Lire la suite]
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Shelby was Shot by Billy Kidd

          Shelby Truax @ The Agency AZ (USA) A photographer's word will always have its own weight, no matter if he shot Vogue last week or did some tests for an mother agent's latest find. A photographer's vision will always find some echo here as we're always obsessed by capturing the essence of a new model's potential regardless if the girl will be CK's next exclusive campaign-girl or just the lensman's very own muse. We love when this subtle teamwork between the photographer and his model slightly shows... [Lire la suite]
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