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Shows are over and we went back to looking at agencies websites. Swimming in this big sea, sailing against the wind (when available). Virtual trips from Latvia to Japan and from New Zealand to Argentina. Including Finland where we had the pleasing surprise to see how Brand Model Management has evolved over these last few years, in terms of roster and aesthetics. If the mastermind behind the boutique has always had his very own twist – say style – the look of the lovelies has gone from positively intriguing to full exciting,... [Lire la suite]
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    Viivi Kapanen @ Brand (Finland) Deep analysis or short into ? Long and detailed portrait or quick overview ? For the first question the answer would be short intro then to the second we'd neither details nor overview. Just two polas to get the point and it took us time to get that idea. Her book is strong and sophisticated and we could have picked, very easily, a palette of pictures to give an idea of what Viivi's talents are like. But we went for another option, something more "visual" if this happens... [Lire la suite]
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      Miranda @ Brand (Finland) Since Kirsi Pyrhonen appeared on the international modeling scene a few months ago, good eyes have started to look at Brand Model Management in Finland a bit more carefully (some of them already did but now it seems the destination is on every to-do-list during scouting trips). Though, anyone thinking Kirsi is a so-called overnight sensation is getting the information the wrong way. Of course, her story started fast and striked big almost since day one but it should never eclipse how... [Lire la suite]
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Call Her Kirsi M.

    Kirsi Maenpaa @ Brand (Finland) Just in time! We planned our feature on Kirsi Maenpaa this week but are quite happy now we waited till Friday afternoon as the news are out. The other Kirsi, well the first Kirsi ever to sign with Brand Models (Pyrhonen but you have guessed already) just landed her first cover and it's no less than Vogue Italia. Magnificent piece, by the way, quite an interesting composition also featuring Daria Strokous with an amazing cast for the whole story (inside) to be released soon. Was quite the... [Lire la suite]
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Gosees and Gambles

    Kirsi Pyrhonen @ Brand (Finland), Viva (Paris, London) NY fashion week is close to its end already and London is getting more attention again, as usual. Gosees and castings have already started and, without frankly speaking of frenzy, it's starting to buzz on the other side of the Channel. Brand Model Management (from Helsinki but was probably needless to add) has/will have no less than 4 girls in town. Each with her own profile, assets and career plans. Maybe the latter is the most interesting if we consider Brand's... [Lire la suite]
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Don't need icecubes

      Anu Koski @ FM (London) Twice this year already and thrice in a lifetime. Anu seems on her way to be regularly featured here and truth might be that being signed with FM London seriously helps. We're not biased, just pretty much into the agency's aesthetic and efficiency. Three polas above to judge and all three going straight to the point: Anu's best asset might be her ability to fit various different molds. Her mother agent (Brand in Helsinki) was probably the first to be aware of her chameleon talents and... [Lire la suite]
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A Brand New Anu

   Anu Koski @ Brand (Finland) A new book for a new look is usually a decent and honest recipe to push a career a little further. But a new book with several new looks goes definitely far beyond the regular expectations of a few months of development. Or is it time to set new standards ? At least, that's the way Brand Model Management sees their business and we can agree on this point. More materials of a higher quality and broader diversity. Anu was sent in Seoul to build her book and improve her modeling skills. She... [Lire la suite]
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Metallic Jessamine, Kinetic Flavors

Jasmin Makinen @ Brand (Finland) It took a few black and white pictures to unveil Jasmin's talents as glamorous pantomime, a few visual effects against a minimalist aesthetic, a few expressions of hers and a couple of accessories to bring a little more tension to the atmosphere. It looks so simple and works so well. Photographer Niko Mitrunen managed in his latest work to focus on Jasmin Makinen's most important modeling skills the same way as her mother agency, Brand in Helsinki managed to secure her placements on various... [Lire la suite]
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A new Anu

Anu @ Brand (Finland) A litte update under the sun of Far East, all about Anu's new pictures from Singapore (she's with Upfront Models) shot by Ingrid Sjodahl and Scott Richardson, styled by Adriel Chiun with hair and make-up by Hannah Oh. Seems the sun is treating her well and bring a brand new vibe to her portfolio which evolves and improves. Last time we featured Anu, things were all about a 5'9 fresh face from Finland with her very Finnish, very Brand polaroids. Loads of potential that made us eager for more. Here is more... [Lire la suite]
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New York City Girl

Emmi Hellsten @ Brand (Finland), Next (NY), Next (Paris) She looks lovely and lovable. Her features are one of a kind, their sweetness too. Hard to find. Plus that natural shade of blond, flirting with brown or copper or whatever you want. Does that mean we're all about sophisticated beauties today ? Zane, Sheila and Megi were three amazing example. Emmi comes and make the whole postulate come true. You can also think her cuteness won us over and over again, picture after picture since the first time we saw Emmi. If she has... [Lire la suite]
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