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  Bruna Tenorio @ Women (NY) Real rhubarb fields or virtual Wisconsin, mental lanscape and strange birds singing on canvas. So strange are the ways of inspiration, never taking the shortest ways -- no straight lines. And you stand there in the middle of that mess, trying to hide in the shadows near the toilets door where all the pieces from previous exhibitions are waiting for some future epic moments that may not come. So strange and quite funny how your mind makes links where you wouldn't see them with your eyes or ... [Lire la suite]
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Kenzo s/s07

model: Bruna TenorioBeautiful and hypnotizing, Bruna enchanted for her slender, elegant figure, and for her delicate, almost flowing, catwalk. With her mixed heritage (she has lot of indigenous blood), she seems to be from many places at the same time. This subtle kind of beauty already got her big campaigns as Kenzo and D&G.
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