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I am She as You are She as You are Me and We are all Together

Alexandra & Caroline Clot @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) Dutch agencies seem to reach another level again, always in the spotlights for months already and making headlines almost every single week on some models-focused websites. Tjarda launched Anniek who's waiting for her first editorial pieces that should be stunning, Models in Company found good homes abroad for their most fabulous newbies, Code keeps the level at Nimue's height and SPS is relentlessly developing their golden girlies worldwide. Now comes Micha with... [Lire la suite]
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Shining (Twice as bright as any other light)

Alexandra Clot and Caroline Clot @ Micha Models (The Netherlands), Ford (Paris) So happy to see these three pictures arrive in an email this evening. Reminds us of Paris, last week. Our trip was definitely too short, not enough time to meet with everyone we had planned to. We only met one photographer and it was probably not enough at all. But we were so luck it was Jessie Craig and had a very good time for this model/photography breakfast on last wednesday morning. Nice time and nice talk, inspiring words. Including a few ones... [Lire la suite]
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