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Memories and Foresights

Brooklyn, November 2010. Saturday afternoon, on the way to Chadwick Tyler's place. Some CK underwear lost on the sidewalk. If we were in touch with him since the very beginning of FDIB, that was the first opportunity to meet him in person, where he works. This didn't turn into an interview, did it already in the past and many others did it too (even recent interviews of him seem countless these days) but had time to talk, drink... tap water on the photographer's sofa. Time went fast that afternoon and had to postpone the next... [Lire la suite]
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Keep Love Alive

      Allaire Heisig @ Ford (NY) Bittersweet thoughts come and go and take your mood so high, so low. Like the wave following the moon that the shore will always seem to ignore. Lonely dreams are for lonely dreamers but feed the inspiration and keep love alive, through years and against fate, taking the strangest ways not to go off on a tangent. Love has no price and especially no pride, and for whoever believes time is on his side. Might be such a strange intro for a post dedicated to a girl who lightheartedly started... [Lire la suite]
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Judging The Book By Its Cover

Grey like the sky we like, grey like an atmosphere. If we begin with Grey Magazine, we can hardly stop so let's rather spare our words tonight and keep them for the day we'll have it in hands and see what's inside for real. Let's stop and spare, and let's stick to the cover. Beautiful and simple, simply beautiful and beautifully simple (sorry for using that old trick again) as we wish every cover would be (or become). Plain and powerful, like a lost treasure you would find again by chance. As subtle as it's simple, showing what... [Lire la suite]
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11 x 14

Talking about supporting our favorite photographers, here is another golden opportunity just a few days after featuring his work with Constance Jablonski for Grey Magazine. Here comes Chadwick Tyler again with one of his latest project, an exclusive yet affordable online sale of some photographs, first one on the list being Suvi Koponen (like you've rarely seen her, plus one photograph of Tyler Riggs). Then, Chadwick is going to pick a different set of prints each month for these limited edition sales. Check out all the details on... [Lire la suite]
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Grey Day

Constance Jablonski @ Marilyn (NY) Grey Day would be the ultimate title for a post right now for several, even if we weren't writing on Grey Magazine right now. Grey sky, stormy weather, grey lights in the office and even the music sounds grey etc. Could be just a trick to talk about something else, going slightly away from the topic but it's just the heart of the topic. Grey Magazine with its grey cover on a grey day, could it make any more sense ? Let's stick to it and dig deeper. Grey is not the kind of magazine you put on a pile... [Lire la suite]
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Q/A: FDIB + Chadwick Tyler feat. Gwen Loos

Gwen Loos @ Marilyn (NY) Fashion Does It Better: What role plays inspiration in your work and what's the weight of technique in the process ? Chadwick Tyler: A basic requirement for any good photographer, of course, is that they have good technique, that they know how to take a picture, that they know how to manipulate light and that they understand composition. But as so many students of prestigious art schools learn, there are scores of people who can master good technique. One also needs a profound source of inspiration.... [Lire la suite]
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Don’t call these black and white

Meghan Collison @ Supreme (NY) A boy and a girl, a young man and a young woman, a man and a woman. And so on. Honestly, not our favorite topic as you might know we are entirely devoted to female models and our page is hundred percent dedicated to them. So, tonight we'll talk about a different combo as our usual multi-girls editorials, even more as the pictures above are taken from Levi's European campaign (and you might have noticed we don't feature many campaigns). And, as it's not mentioned under the picture, the... [Lire la suite]
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              Antonella Graef @ Supreme (NY) Let's talk about love. Love, love, love. All we're dreaming of. We're not going to tell you about blue ballons and midnight moons but a little story about twisted toons. Even if there is a bit of moonlight in the story too, pale dolls popping up at Givenchy, like out of the night in their dark outfits. We were lucky enough to catch up with Stasya and Ranya right after the show but Antonella was missing. A teaspoon of sadness on a glorious day, maybe.... [Lire la suite]
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Tiberius by Chadwick Tyler

 Honey Space Gallery is pleased to announce Tiberius, a solo exhibition of new photography by Chadwick Tyler. And we are pleased to relay the information here as you may have noticed already, we are in love with Chadwick's work. Nothing compares to his way to capture a model's essence and to push the limits ahead, still being in adequation with the character, even when he breaks the rules, which open doors to new perspectives. Proposing another way to look at the character through a powerful vision in which both the scene and... [Lire la suite]
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A Supreme supplement

Cristina Jurach, Daiane Conterato, Katriina Okane, Iris Strubegger, Sofi Berelidze and Meghan Collison You all know this issue of V mag, numer 53, current one. Currently in stores and featuring the "powerhouses". Nudity at IMG and Chadwick Tyler at Supreme. And people started discussing it a lot. And people started arguing a bit. And it's the same story as always, going on forever. We're more interested in Chadwick's own vision, which is prominent on every single piece of his work. Like it is in V and beyond these... [Lire la suite]
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