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The New Ones, The Rising Ones, The Eternal Ones

One Management's Spring Summer 2011 Show Package We've been working on this feature for almost a week and it might be the longest picture-post in FDIB's history. Been thinking of talk about it and which cards to (dis)play. Not used to the excercise and usually rather posting a couple of cards instead of the full package but this one (or this One for that matter) was quite a dilemma. How to post only our personal picks without taking the risk for the visual to lose their essence and for us to step... [Lire la suite]

These Moments in Between

      Ieva Laguna @ Premier (London) and Charlotte Di Calypso @ One (NY) One of these moments in a season you don't know where to look at. Shall we enjoy the present and analyse the castings show after show, day by day or shall we focus on London already ? We went for a mixed approach as you can see from our latest posts. Reports on New York and introducing the fresh crop just arrived on the other side of the ocean. Getting stuck to the one or the other would be a tragedy for everyone excited about both the unknown... [Lire la suite]
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French Flair in Italian Flair

  Charlotte Di Calypso @ One (NY) It's fair to say that Flair has got flair and we might had Charlotte bring french flair to Flair. Too much of a flair affair turning into a Flair affair but one thing is sure: we're going to buy it again. Charlotte Di Calypso, Couture queen in Paris (with Elite) then NY darling a few weeks later. TMSRRE girl number three of this season booked Carolina Herrera, Max Azria, Derek Lam and Ralph Lauren since our last piece on her. Selective more than sensational, true to our motto saying that... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 3: Charlotte

  Charlotte Di Calypso @ One (NY) We won't repeat our mistake of last season in Paris. Not twice. We were so heartbroken after the shows as we didn't have any oppotunity to make a picture or a review of her after such a great week. That's why we immediately put her on our list when we started thinking of our TMSRRE. After a flawless Couture week in Paris opening Dior and walking for Christian Lacroix, Chanel and Valentino, she's taking a famous start in New York. First bookings are called Lacoste, DKNY and Diane Von... [Lire la suite]
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  Charlotte Di Calypso @ Elite (Paris), One (NY) The most heartbreaking model of the season - well, it's our own feeling as we didn't managed to find an opportunity to make a portrait during fashion week in Paris - is back on glossy paper. Amica again. Second Amica-girl of this morning, second girl from Elite Paris. We already dedicated her a few lines after the shows when she had an editorial in French Revue de Modes. Her newest story was shot by Stratis & Beva and we must say she perfectly fits their vision with her... [Lire la suite]
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The most heartbreaking moment

Charlotte Di Calypso @ Elite (Paris) The most heartbreaking moments of our fashion weeks in Paris are always the last sunday evening and it was even more striking yesterday when we went back from the bookstore with the latest issue of French (we went for the cover with Rachel Clark). A little story about Ricardo Tisci featuring Charlotte Di Calypso by Taka Mayumi gave us the feeling we just missed one of the sweetest opportunity of the week. Charlotte's pictures were simply among her best ones ever and the most incredible feature... [Lire la suite]