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Stairway to Success

Charlotte Nolting @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Just featured two days ago and couldn't help. But who could resist after seeing her most recent polaroids from Paris (Marilyn) ? Certainly not us and it never hurts to show some support to the models we believe in. We've recently said about Charlotte in a convo with an agent representing her in some other country that she's the kind of girl who never ever takes a bad pictures from early test shots to first editorial steps then back to polaroids. Purplish blue light and these famous stairs,... [Lire la suite]
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Kristin Schoening & Charlotte Nolting @ Modelwerk (Hamburg), Joy (Milan) Am...azing Amica! They did it again, new issue is released with its usual bonus-editorial being no other than a new Casting lineup including two girls on the rise from Modelwerk, both signed with Joy Milan. We already heard Charlotte Nolting, featured her a few weeks ago, was about to get some major editorial coverage and it's starting here and now in Amica, shot by Van Mossevelde + N. And what a good surprise to seeshe shares the spotlights with... [Lire la suite]
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On a Perfect Day

    Charlotte @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) On a perfect day with a perfect book. Spring all the way, sun and sweet weather. We got a mini-book with all of Charlotte's works to date but were busy in Paris at that time. Since we're back we had to take time (not easy) to review all we've missed during our trip and Charlotte surely deserved a complete entry for her alone. No less and you'll see why, in pictures. So, let's just drop a few words on who she is, where she's heading to and why we love her look that much. First of all, take... [Lire la suite]
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