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Les Enfants Terribles

Two of our favorites, two we witnessed growing and going up are now invincible, unstoppable their own way. Either cartoon heroins or beauty queens, boudary pushers in all they do or touch. Namely Kadri Vahersalu (above) and Charlotte Tomas(zewska). The teenage queenies who gave us so much hopes are now shooting full-force and non-stop. The gorgeous girls with guts never need any agreement to give us the shock and delight pushing us to take the pen off the desk and write. They know no comfort zone, they don't allow you to know... [Lire la suite]
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See She

If there wasn't already a part of Berlin called Charlottenburg, we would buy some acres to build a city out of stardust and give it her name. Charlotte Tomas(zewska), the wild child of polish modeling took her carpet bag to fly around the world and conquer Milan (Guccio Gucci, anyone?). Neither squeamish nor timorous, this lady knows no grey – she is a storm, she is a star, in the true meaning of that hackneyed word: she's laser-true in ever pose she strikes. You think she's near but she may be far, these pics by Nadine Ottawa... [Lire la suite]
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We're No Geeks Anymore

          Charlotte @ Model Plus (Poland) and Karolina Mikolajczyk @ D'Vision (Poland) Latest issue of K Magazine was completely stolen by photographer Lukasz Zietek who shot the cover, this editorial styled by Aleksandra Kintop above plus a male model story and the computer theme was perfect for his own inspirations like Radiohead and the Internet. Waves and vibes, speed of sound and light. And speed of life in general as time doesn't have time anymore just to pass by. Running, running. The two girls are... [Lire la suite]

Capture the magic...

We love Poland as the source of many inspiring new faces with among them probably the next Malgosia, Anja, Anna, Magdalena, Marcelina, Kasia... the list of polish models that have already earned their place in the spotlight is already quite long. And always ready to be longer. Think of Kinga Luk in particular, and lots of other promising young ones in general. There wouldn't be enough place to name them all here !Our focus is now moving on to one of the photographers behind the fantastic image we have from polish models. Lukasz... [Lire la suite]
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