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Always Like The First Time

      Vita @ Cherie Models (Russia) When we started FDIB almost five years ago, we didn't know where we were heading to and even today we don't know what the future of this page will bring. To be true we had no plans, no clear goals about the way things should turn and no aim to rock the bank with it (and still have none of these three in mind). When agencies started to contact us regarding our work, this was almost a huge surprise as this wasn't planned as well but took this opportunity to add some specific contents... [Lire la suite]
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Mighty Margarita

Margarita @ Cherie Model Management ( Finding new girls who will match the always tougher criterias of main fashion places is getting a bit harder everyday and to be really honest, a bit more exciting as well. Finding a girl that can work extremely well beyond the limits of these four main cities is even much more difficult as standards she has to meet are as different as they get numerous. And again it makes the quest a little more thrilling as well. So, what happens when we think we've found that pearl ? We... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Tatyana !

Tatyana @ Cherie Models (Russia) Last "Meet..." of the year ? Maybe, let's see. All we can say now is that Tatyana is definitely worth to watch. And there is no better way to "meet" her than discovering her polaroids. White background, plain raw light and basic outfit: no better way indeed to unveil her potential and highlight her features. Tatyana is 15-years-old and 5'9 (176), represented by Cherie Models in Moscow and ready to be placed abroad. Good for a start, isn't it ? Then if we want to put a little... [Lire la suite]
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