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Woke Up Feeling Bloody Good

        Emily Wake @ Elite (Paris), Elite (NY) The title is a kind of pun, easy and the most refined trick we've ever used but behind the playful wording was an authentic feeling. No, we didn't wake up this morning feeling that good, rather tired if you ask and would love to know why. But the good thing about today is the good feeling towards Emily Wake. Hence the quirky title. Let's be honest, she wasn't our favorite from the package (Fall Winter 2010-2011 for that matter) and didn't really know how to consider... [Lire la suite]

Elite Citizens

Alexina Graham, Anastasija Kondratjeva, Michaela Hlavackova and Suzie Bird @ Elite (Paris) Let's say it how we think it: we love these series in Citizen K. In each issue a bunch of girls are modelling one theme in the main editorial. Theme of the season, vision of the season, vision of the creatives working for the magazine or the photographer (here Sol Sanchez). The models are all from one agency in Paris and we already saw the girls from Major or Nathalie. This time, they are from Elite: four ones, four different profiles,... [Lire la suite]


        Natalie Keyser @ Elite (NY), Marilyn (Paris) We count Natalie Keyser among our all-time favorites since her very early beginnings when she was just another great new faces at Pulse Management a while ago. Maybe it was because of her strawberry-blond hair and expressive cute little face. Maybe because of her goddess-meets-ladybug look, always appealing to us. Then came her first polas from Elite NY, first tests and... first time meeting in Paris where she's signed with Marilyn. She looks dramatic on... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 6: Sofia

Sofia Bartos @ Major (NY) She opens, opens, opens... including VPL and she walked Rodarte where she was just the nicest surprise withing such a gorgeous casting (Vitkoriya Sasonkina, Nimue Smit, Valeria Dmitrienko). The lady from MRA Models is making her marks in NY under the wing of Major and she was quite a natural pick for our TMSRRE. With all the oustanding Major girls we introduced lately we couldn't forget or overlook Sofia. Now we simply hope to see more of her in the coming weeks, especially in Paris (where she's signed with... [Lire la suite]
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Young sprout

          Daria Pleggenkuhle @ Major (Paris) Spread your wings on the balcony then fly away to some editorial heights. Citizen K is often the right place for a newcomer who wants to take off and that's exactly where Daria went. Shot by Gregory Derkenne for the mag's Winter issue among one of the most lovely castings ever. Remarkable brows and jawline made her a natural choice for Devastee last September but not only. A few days later she proved she also fit some completely different mood getting a spot at... [Lire la suite]
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Drive us nuts !

Egle Tvirbutaite @ Major (Paris) The squirrel is not the only to drive us nuts here. Even we adore squirrels. Egle at her very best in the new Citizen K by Gregory Derkenne. Driving us crazy. Crazy. We'll have to end this post here, we're in a big rush but the five ones are enough and the title tells our state of mind right now. Crazy. Back tomorrow.
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